How To Join FAME Youth Corps Changemaker Program (For All Corps Members In Nigeria)

The Youth Corps Changemaker Program is a network of powerful, growth-oriented leaders who are working together to make a difference.

During your service year, we provide you a glimpse into the developing world and help you learn vital skills that will place you ahead of other corps members once you finish.

The program provides corp members from all around Nigeria with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a community of Changemakers who are making a positive difference in their host communities. For selected youth corpers, the program is designed to be a learning experience and a highly fulfilling endeavor, while also providing them with a platform to develop their leadership skills and a pathway to take action and create change in the community.

Youth Corps Changemakers will learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills such as empathy, effective communication, persuasion, presentation, emotional intelligence, cooperation, problem-solving, and the capacity to create relationships with a variety of stakeholders in this role. Because the FAME office is in Ibadan, corp members who are not from Oyo State will be expected to work independently for the majority of the program.

As this is a personal social duty, interested individuals must ensure that they can devote time in their schedules to actively participate in this program.

Competencies & Skills

Candidates must be serving as youth corps members in a Nigerian state. Candidates who have recently been mobilized are also accepted. To be eligible for this position, you must have at least four months left on your NYSC program. This position necessitates the following skills:

  • Brilliant interpersonal communication skills
  • Outstanding networking and time management skills
  • Insolent and well-articulated
  • Eagerness and ability to take initiative
  • Ability to work independently, collaboratively and remotely

Criteria For A Potential Changemaker

  • Registered Youth Corp member who is not in the 9th month of her/his program
  • Youth Corpers who want to be part of something bigger than themselves
  • Youth Corpers who have plenty mindset
  • Youth Corpers who hope to be exceptional leaders
  • Youth Corpers who are dedicated to personal growth
  • Youth Corpers who are famish and dream of success
  • Youth Corpers who dream of significance
  • Youth Corpers who command a positive aura that people want to be around
  • Youth Corpers who would love to help us raise and mentor young leaders in the communities they serve.

Role Of The Youth Corps Changemaker

  • Represent FAME in your neighborhood.
  • Learn about FAME’s work and help to promote it in your neighborhood.
  • To enhance Fame’s Work, plan and host Fame leadership programs for your kids in your primary assignment location.
  • Mentor young girls and boys in your community by facilitating the Fame Global Leadership Program at your school.
  • In your neighborhood and around the world, live out the FAME ideals.

What are the advantages of being a Youth Corps Changemaker?

  • The gift of personal progress and exploration of new domains
  • Through service, leadership and entrepreneurial abilities are developed.
  • Participate in the Youth Corps Changemaker program.
  • Career counseling, mentoring, and engagement with renowned leaders from a variety of fields are all available.
  • Recommendation, nomination, and access to special growth opportunities and programs
  • Recommendation Letters, Awards, and a Certificate of Service Recommendation Letters, Awards, and a Certificate of Service (Based on Performance)

How to Apply

Qualified corps members should go to this page and fill out an online form (which should take no more than 3 minutes) with their personal information and answers to questions about why they should be chosen. Alternatively, you can Apply Here.

Source: Nyscinfo

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