List Of Banking Courses In India

There is this belief that banking job doesn’t pay high or interesting, especially that from African countries. This is to cast doubt on your belief that one can earn a higher salary as a banker by taking advantage of the banking courses in India that have been developed to provide those of interest all over the world. It must be that of a graduated student with an HND, B.Sc, Masters, PGD, and PhD.

Given the rapid spread of improving the banking sector around the world and the involment of the Turkey nation, much has been requested from those who have the skills to join the sector.

The banking sector is in charge of the day-to-day commercial operations including lending loans, safeguarding people’s money, or seeing that the nation’s financial system runs smoothly.

This is one of the reasons why pursuing a bank career should be ringing in one’s life, especially after graduation. Though this may be considered a bid, I will inform you of what Indians have planned to offer you in order to meet the demand of the bank sector you are invited to enter. Meanwhile, take your time to view some of the banking courses available in India.

List of banking course in India

Banking courses in India are divided into three sectors, which are:

1. Bachelor’s Degree: duration of the course is three years in recognized government and private colleges. Available courses are:

  • Bachelor of Commerce,
  • Banking and Insurance (BBA in Banking and Insurance)
  • Banking and taxation (BBA in Banking and Taxation)
  • Banking and Finance (BBA in Banking and Finance).
  • Integrated Banking Course, charter Accountant, Banking and Bachelor in Economics

2. Master’s Degree: unlike the Bachelor’s Degree, the Master’s requires 2 years of study from government and private colleges in India. However, as is customary, private colleges serve more students than government colleges. Available courses are:

  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Economics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Banking
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Banking and Taxation
  • MBA in Banking and Finance
  • MBA in Banking and Insurance
  • MBA Sc. in Banking and Finance
  • MA Banking

3. Diploma Courses: This will help you achieve the goal of your dream in the banking sector as long as you are from a recognized institution. Available courses are:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Banking Operations
  •  PGDiploma in Banking
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Retail Banking
  • PG Diploma in Branch Banking
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Insurance
  •  PG Diploma in Investment Banking
  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

While it’s a certificate course

  • PG Certificate in Banking
  • PG Certificate in Banking and Insurance
  • Certificate in General Insurance
  • Certificate of Health Insurance
  • Telebanking Certificate6. Certificate in Banking and Sales Management
  • Investment Banking Certificate

Finally these can be achievable when the candidate has finally undertaken their entrance exam as a system of qualifications. Using the banking PO examination, most government banks recruit students through IBPS PO as well as the SBI and its associate banks recruit candidates through the SBI PO exam.

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