How To Locate Npower Deployment tab Despite the Removal

If you cannot see the deployment tab on your N-Power Nasims dashboard due to the recent changes that were made on the portal, you are not alone. In this post, we will guide you on how to view the deployment section despite the removal of the tab.

Nobody knows the reason behind the removal of the deployment tab. But if you want to see your N-Power deployment status, just pay attention to the following information.

The truth is, the deployment tab is not totally removed from the Nasims portal. It is just hidden somewhere, but don’t worry, we will show you how to locate it.

How to locate Npower deployment tab despite the removal

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your email and password to login

  3. Go to ‘Overview’

  4. Scroll down to ‘Personal Details’ and click on ‘Edit’.

  5. You will see the deployment tab just beside the overview tab.

  6. Click on ‘Deployment’ tab to view your status.

Hope this helps? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

They’ve started the deployment already. Login to your dashboard, go to overview and click on edit. You’ll see the deployment there.

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  1. I can’t see any deployment tab in the portal
    And have been trying to update my account but is not going
    What am i going to do about it???

  2. The more that provisions are made for building flexibility into an organization structure the more adequately an organization structure can fulfill it’s purpose


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