How To Make Money From Hawkit App

Would you be interested in making money solely with your phone and data? You can do it using a certain app. Hawkit is an online earning and commerce platform that enables you to make money by carrying out small jobs. You can view the instructions for using the Hawkit app to make money here.

How does Hawkit function and what is it?

A well-known e-commerce platform called Hawkit app enables you to quickly advertise your products and services so that customers can buy them. Additionally, by reposting numerous advertisements on your social media accounts, you can make money every day with this app. Basically, depending on the activity you complete, this daily task gives you the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 per day. Thus, the Hawkit platform not only offers you a quick shopping experience but also gives you the opportunity to win money when you successfully complete jobs.

How can I create an account on Hawkit?

To register for a Hawkit account, take the following actions:

  1. Go to, their official website, and select “create an account.” You can also download the app and begin the registration procedure there.
  2. Next, fill in your personal information, including your complete name, user name, email address, etc.
  3. The final step is to activate your account so you can begin utilizing the site after submitting your information and confirming your email address.

You must pay an activation fee of 1,000 to open an account. Please be aware that the cost could fluctuate.

How can I get the Hawkit application?

It costs nothing to download this app, but only owners of Android phones can use it. Here’s what to do if you want to download Hawkit:

  1. Use your Android device to visit the Google Play Store.
  2. Next, search for “Hawkit”
  3. Download the app and create an account for yourself.

How to Get Paid Using the Hawkit App

It’s simple to figure out how to use the Hawkit app to make money. Basically, all you have to do is complete a few simple chores. A few of these tasks are:

1. Apple Store review

Since this job pays the most, many people choose to pursue it. In order to complete this work, you must essentially download and evaluate a few apps from the Apple Store. For each app you review that you successfully complete, you receive 60 yen.

2. App evaluation for Google Play

The second best compensated job is reviewing apps on the Play Store. You simply need to download and evaluate a few apps from the Google Play Store to complete this work. You will be paid ₦30 for each review.

3. Subscribing to YouTube channels

You’ll need to subscribe to a variety of YouTube channels in order to complete this challenge. The Hawkit platform will provide you a link to these channels, and when you click on it, the YouTube channels will appear. You receive 30 for each channel you subscribe to for this task.

4. Commenting on social media

You can earn money by leaving comments on numerous social media platforms when you take on the social media commenting duty. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter are all viable options. You receive ₦15 for each remark you make.

5. WhatsApp statuses

You can get money with this assignment by posting certain advertisements to your WhatsApp status. You get ₦20 for each status update you make.

6. Following accounts and liking posts on social media

On Hawkit, this job pays the least. You will need to like a few chosen pages on social media and follow a few chosen accounts in order to complete this homework. You can get three points for like a page and three more for following an account.

7. Twitter retweets

Retweeting certain Twitter posts is part of the work of using Twitter. You will receive ₦10 for each post you retweet on Twitter.

8. Facebook post share

You must share particular posts on your Facebook account in order to complete this mission. You get ten dollars in your Hawkit account for each post you share.

9. Hawkit Advisory

You get paid 500 for each person you refer to the Hawkit platform. You won’t receive this money, though, until the individual you recommended to the site activates his or her account. In addition, when you refer a friend to purchase Followers, Likes, Shares, Comments, etc., Social Boost pays you a referral commission. 20% of the money the person spends to the Hawkit platform goes toward this commission.

Other ways to get money on this platform besides doing daily activities include:

10. Promote businesses to consumers

On this platform, people-to-person advertising is a cool business. In essence, you may utilize this platform to pay customers to expand their social media sites.

Simply charge your clients a fee, provide the Hawkit platform a portion of that fee to complete the task, and keep the rest for yourself.

11. Start a Data/Airtime Business

Purchasing airtime and data on the Hawkit platform at a discount is another profitable way to make money. After that, you can sell it to friends for a standard price and make money.

12. Promote your goods and services

Hawkit is a fantastic e-commerce platform for promoting and selling your goods and services so that customers from throughout the nation may use your business. Simply add product images to start generating revenue.

How do I get cash out of my Hawkit account?

You can quickly transfer $1000 from your Hawkit balance into your bank account. Simple steps to making the withdrawal are as follows:

  1. First, log in to your Hawkit account
  2. Next, locate the “Withdraw” tab on your account dashboard and click on it.
  3. Enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw. You must cash out at least ₦1,000.

Lastly, input your bank account details and your Hawkit PIN to finalize your withdrawal process.

How can I contact Hawkit?

  • Here’s how you can contact Hawkit:
  • Address: 89, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.
  • Email Address:
  • Website:


It’s easy to figure out how to make money with the Hawkit app. Basically, this software gives you a variety of chores to complete in order to earn money. Simply select the assignment you want, finish it, and you’ll get compensated. Just look at the list above to see all of the tasks that are accessible.

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