Npower Batch C2 Ppa Record Update: How To Check Your PPA On Nasims Portal

The Npower Nasims administration has started updating the Npower Batch C2 PPA on the deployment page.

See How to check your PPA below.

Since the deployment page was removed from the applicants’ self-service dashboard, Nasims has started releasing PPA record updates of beneficiaries who have been deployed. Remember that the state focal person is now performing manual posting, as recipients were informed a few weeks ago.

The beneficiaries’ deployment page on Npower has been updated with the appropriate modifications regarding their posting.

How To Check PPA On Nasims Deployment Page:

If you are a Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries, check below for the step to check your PPA:

1) Login to

2) Under the overview, click Edit and

3) Click the Deployment tab on the new pop-up page.

You will see a record of your primary assignment location and a link to the PPA letter for download.

The deployment page is tucked away behind the edit area, so you might not be able to obtain the posting letter. You can nonetheless attempt to see.

Please take note that posting has been added according to your program, state by state! You will need to wait till your posting is updated if you haven’t seen it yet because it hasn’t been changed yet.

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  1. Adetutu Ogunyemi

    Because information flow may not follow the chain of command proper safeguards need to be taken to prevent potential problem

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