How To Make Morning Fresh Soap – Beginners’ guide

There is literarily no kitchen in Nigeria that you cannot find dishwashing soap. And for many years, Morning Fresh kitchen soap has created a name for itself as a daily need instead of an ordinary want and demand.

Liquid soaps are mostly chosen for dishwashing for their nice fragrance and its seamless dissolution in water. It is also the peoples’ choice because of its low negative effect on people with sensitive skin.

Knowing how to produce or make liquid soap gives you an opportunity to make money by making in large quantity and selling to other persons. Besides, it saves you the money you should have used in patronizing other brands. Another interesting thing is, it needs a low amount of capital to start.

What are the materials/chemicals needed for making Morning Fresh?

• Soda ash – for purifying

• Sodium lauryl sulfate – foaming agent

• Caustic soda – for purifying

• Texapon – foaming agent

• Perfume – for good fragrance

• Color – beautiful appearance

• Sodium Triphosphate – for thickening

• Sulphonic acid – foaming agent

• Natrosol – for thickening and foaming

• Formalin – preservative agent

Note that exercise of caution is needed when using these chemicals, as they may be dangerous to your skin. Ensure you protect yourself.

What are the procedures for producing Morning Fresh?

• Soak the sodium laurel in a basin.

• In a separate bowl, dissolve the sodium triphosphate in water.

• In a smaller bowl, mix a small quantity of caustic soda and a different one to mix the soda ash.

• Take a bigger bowl and mix texapon and sulphonic acid together.

• For proper dissolution of chemicals, leave for about 20 minutes.

• Get a separate bowl that is big enough to contain the main Morning Fresh.

• Fill the bowl with fresh water to the half level.

• Add natrosol little by little and stir gently.

• Pour the previously soaked chemicals into the bowl, one after another.

• Start stirring and continue for about 15-20 minutes.

• Add the formalin preservative. This should be handled with extreme carefulness because it is highly toxic.

• Pour the coloring agent and stir until the color is fully out.

• Pour the perfume agent and stir for about 6 minutes.

• Finally, leave the entire mixture for about 15 minutes to allow it to settle.

• After, you can package the Morning Fresh for use. Ensure that it is well branded should you want to produce for commercial purpose.


The great thing about Morning Fresh is that, besides using it to wash dishes, there are some form of laundry that it can be used for.

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