How to Optimize Your CV with AI

ChatGPT first appeared last year, and many people extolled its virtues. However, it was only the tip of the iceberg, since other AI technologies have evolved and may be used for a variety of reasons, including CV optimization. I’m sure you had no idea that employing AI techniques, your CV may be correctly designed and modified to successfully reveal your knowledge. Don’t be concerned! We brought the gist in its entirety!

AI Tools That Can Build Your Resume

  1. Rezi
  2. Skillroads
  3. Zety
  4. EnhanCV
  5. Resume
  6. Novoresume
  8. Jobscan
  10. Kick
  11. ResumeLab

The list continues on and on, indicating that you don’t need to stress about developing a decent CV that will stand out when you send out job applications. However, the concept of using these AI tools extends well beyond “just using” them; they include capabilities and features that can assist you edit your resume for the correct reason and boost its efficacy in your job hunt – this is referred to as “Optimization.”

This is how you do it

According to study, just 30% of CVs are read totally by humans because most jobs are outsourced to AI, which means you can utilize it to boost the potency of your CV.

Do you want to use AI to boost your CV? That is the correct path to take! Try some of these suggestions:


The visual features of your CV, from the proper colors to the style and templates, are critical aspects that must not be overlooked if you want your document to capture the attention of your potential employer. AI resume builders include a variety of adjustable layouts and formatting possibilities, and some may incorporate modern or professional templates. As a result, you can easily rely on this function to construct an appealing and professional-looking CV for yourself.

Suggestions for keywords/optimization

Keywords will always be key when building your CV, and AI technologies are on the way to help you with this. Recruiters utilize the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to ensure that a CV contains relevant keywords. While you may be confused of which keywords to add, AI solutions employ search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your CV by infusing keywords that are specifically relevant to the role into your document. This instantly helps your resume pass any ATS screening or test performed on your CV by a recruiter.\

Identification of Job Gaps

If you didn’t know, having employment gaps in your resume is nearly a red flag, and you’ll have to explain yourself a lot to get your future employer on the same page as you. However, using AI techniques, you can identify job gaps in your work experience, reducing the influence it may have on your job application and CV quality. Furthermore, AI can detect other flaws and contradictions in your CV, making it simple to correct these issues before submitting any job applications.

Job Description

Most posted job vacancies provide job descriptions to help you understand what activities you will be expected to complete. You can utilize AI technologies to compare the job description’s skills to your skill set. Furthermore, AI developed the job description so that each action retains the crucial and relevant terms, showing you as a competent applicant for the role.

Multiple Options

CVs are often constructed based on the role an individual is seeking for, which means that if you have several skills, such as being a product designer and a software engineer, you cannot use the same CV for both roles. AI technologies allow you to make several copies of your CV so that you can have various ones for different roles.

Language and Tone

When you believe you have completed your CV, AI tools can recommend that you increase the clarity of your job description or incorporate more professionalism in some sections. Furthermore, AI tools can spot flaws with readability or communication, encouraging you to improve your writing to better reflect a decent CV.

Whether or not you are actively looking for work, your CV is a vital part of your professional journey and should be addressed as such. Using every opportunity and instrument available to improve your CV demonstrates how much time and effort you put into your profession.

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