How To Play Bigi Watch & Win Promo | Win A Car And Other Prizes

Rite Foods Limited’s award-winning Bigi Carbonated Soft Drink brand is excited to launch the fourth edition of its “Bigi Watch and Win” promotion. This thrilling event, designed specifically for cinema buffs in Lagos and Abuja, allows participants to view their favorite movies while winning wonderful prizes.

Moviegoers can watch any film of their choosing at Silverbird Cinemas and win a raffle ticket from September 18, 2023 to November 18, 2023. These tickets can be redeemed for the chance to win fantastic prizes such as laptops, Bigi items, printers, perfumes, and more. This edition’s grand prize is a brand-new automobile.

The first edition of “Bigi Watch and Win” was held in 2021, and the Bigi brand held another version later that year in December. It has since become an annual tradition, highlighting Rite Foods Limited’s dedication to honoring brand loyalty among its valued customers.

Ms. Biola Aransiola, Assistant Brand Manager for Bigi, expressed her excitement about the fourth edition of the promo, saying, “We’ve partnered with Silverbird Cinemas to enhance people’s movie-going experience. Movie lovers can enjoy any of our 13 Bigi Carbonated Soft Drink flavours while watching their favourite films and stand a chance to win amazing prizes.”

Ms. Aransiola also stated that her favorite part is seeing the expressions of participants when they realize the great items they have won, especially the grand prize—a brand-new automobile. She asks interested participants to review the terms and conditions at @getbigi on all social media channels.

The Bigi brand emphasizes Rite Foods Limited’s commitment to the entertainment industry with the “Watch & Win” promotion. The brand is still sponsoring movie premieres, as it has done in the past with films such as “The Prophetess,” “Progressive Tailors Club,” and “Aki and Pawpaw.” Furthermore, for three consecutive seasons (6, 7, and 8), it has been a continuous sponsor of the famed talent discovery platform, Nigerian Idol, assisting aspiring Nigerian singers in achieving their aspirations of stardom in the music industry.

The “Watch & Win” promotion, along with other excellent marketing strategies, has garnered the Bigi brand multiple market segment honors. Bigi Cola received the “Best Value for Money” award at the BrandXchange Consumers Value Awards in 2023. It was named the “Fastest Growing Cola Brand of the Year” at the Marketing Edge Brands and Advertising Excellence Awards in Lagos in 2022. The Bigi brand also won the “Most Outstanding CSD Brand of the Year” title at the 2021 Brandcom Awards, cementing its status as a beverage industry market leader, exceeding its competitors.

How To Play And Win

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