How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers In Nigeria 

One of the greatest challenges that users of Facebook face daily is the threat of hackers. Every day, unsuspecting people lose the accounts they have held for many years to hackers who broke into the account and forcefully take control of the accounts by changing the password and other important information on the account. Once they can do this, the original owners of these accounts are denied access to the accounts and are left with pains and regrets. Sadly, it will not just end there.

If you are not lucky, your account will be used by the hackers to send fraudulent messages to your friends who may not know the messages weren’t from you, especially if the hacker didn’t change the name of the original owner of the account to his. We are sure that you do not want to go through the horror of having your account taken over by a total stranger who would delete all the important information that you stored over the years.

This article is about how you can protect your Facebook account from hackers who have been prowling on Facebook accounts of people in recent times. We will show you how you can set up a security that will prevent them from gaining access to your account.

How can I set up a security that will protect my account from hacking?

There are many ways by which you can secure your Facebook account that no hacker will be able to break into it, no matter how sophisticated the hacker thinks he is. These security steps and tips have been tested and trusted. Hence we recommend you deploy them to protect your account.

1. Choose a strong Password

We realized that one of the reasons that accounts are hacked easily is because of weak passwords. Always choose a strong password. You can do this by having a mixture of words, figures and characters. This way, it will be hard for your password to be guessed.

2. Set up your Two-Step Authentication

Setting up a 2-step authentication is the most powerful way to protect your account from hackers. The 2-step authentication uses your phone to protect your account. To set it up, apply the following procedures:

• Open your Facebook app and click on the three horizontal lines and the top right hand of your screen.

• Click on “Settings & Privacy” and then click “Settings”.

• Lookout for “Password & Security” and click on it.

• Go to “Two-Factor Authentication” and click on it.

• Input the phone number you want your security code to be sent to.

• After that, a short code will be sent to your phone. Input it into the field provided.

• Once this is confirmed, your account has been protected from hackers.

As your Two-Factor authentication is now active, if anybody tries to log into your Facebook account from anywhere in the world, a code will be sent to your phone, but since you are with the phone number, they cannot know the code. If they call you and ask for it, don’t disclose it.


Now that you know how to protect your Facebook account from hackers, you can set it up for your account protection.

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