How To Remove Image Background In Canva

Users can access the complete universe of design with the tool. See how to remove the background of an image in Canva and what you can do with it in your work in the video below. Canva’s mission is to make it simple for anybody to use a tool that combines the power of professional design with the simplicity of simple apps.

What is an image’s background?

It is, in a very simplified sense, the full “scenery” of an image. The main object is usually the focus of a composition, with the remainder serving as a backdrop. The transparent background is a design tool that allows the editor to overlay photos without having to deal with distracting effects like solid color squares.

The transparent background allows the editor to isolate the main object and work on it or focus on the background without getting distracted.

How to delete an image’s backdrop in Canva

Before we show you how to do it step by step, there are a few things you should know. Canva is completely free, and you can signup in minutes using your Google or Facebook account. You will be able to utilize the platform’s capabilities in a matter of seconds.

Canva provides free resources and templates to help you create as much personalized artwork as you like, but the “Background Remover” is only available in Canva Pro, the platform’s subscription edition. You must be a Canva subscription or in the Pro version’s 30-day trial to remove the background from an image.

Upload the photo of your choice or opt for one from the Canva library;

  • Click on the image to be edited;
  • Select the effects tab;
  • In the tab, click on Background Remover;
  • Okay, the background has been removed and you can make your edits.

It’s simple to remove the background from an image in Canva using these simple methods. In this maneuver, the tool delivers on its promise by allowing the user to complete a task in only a few clicks, giving their work a considerably more professional appearance. Best wishes.

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