How To Retrieve Zenith Bank Statement Of Account Online 2022

There will occasionally be problems coming to an agreement as long as regular transactions between banks and customers are ongoing. It can be a bank transfer that wasn’t received or was returned, excessive deductions, etc. Thus, a statement of account is required to review all transactions that occurred on your bank account during a specified time frame. Online account statements from Zenith Bank can be obtained by using their online banking service.

Knowing how time-consuming going to the bank to receive a statement of accounts may be, this is a good concept. Therefore, acquiring your statement of account online saves you the hassle of visiting to the bank, negotiating long lines, and spending hours in line.

You can use the time you would have spent doing this to accomplish other tasks. Following are instructions on how to obtain your Zenith Bank statement of account online if you are experiencing issues with your bank transactions.

How do I see my Zenith Bank account statement online?

You must have access to the internet and legitimate bank online outlets in order to obtain a Zenith bank Statement of account online. Customers can interact with Zenith Bank online through its website and mobile banking app. Therefore, you can request and obtain your statement of account online using either of the ways.

  • Go to the internet banking portion of the Zenith Bank website to request a statement of account. Please conduct an online search for the bank and adhere to the URL of the legitimate bank website to avoid becoming a victim of scam efforts made through clone sites.
  • Make use of your favorite login method to access your account.
  • If linked to multiple accounts, choose the specific account for which you want to get a statement.
  • To access the account choices, click on Account from the options on the screen.
  • Click Account Summary from the list of account options.
  • Select the desired date period for the statement by clicking on Beyond 3 months. The Account statement will typically cover the previous three months. Choose the start and end dates for the range you want.
  • By selecting search, you can continue to create your statement of accounts. The loading process will take a while to complete.
  • To download and save the file to your device, click on the loaded file. After that, you can use any app that is compatible to open it. You may require a pdf reader because it is typically saved in PDF format.

Using A Mobile App, You Can Obtain A Zenith Bank Account Statement

  • If you don’t already have it, download and install the Zenith Bank Mobile Banking App.
  • Open the app and log in.
  • Navigate to overview.
  • On the account overview, click on history.
  • Choose the desired account if you have more than one account linked.
  • Click on the email statement.
  • Choose the start date and the end date to specify the time frame for which you want the account statement to be generated.
  • The address where the created statement of account will be mailed will need to get an email. Your working email address should be entered in the area given.
  • Click “Send Statement” now.
  • Zenith Bank will send you an email with a link to a pdf version of your statement of accounts.


Please be aware that updates are regularly made to the Zenith Bank Mobile Banking App in order to repair errors and provide new features. Therefore, while navigating, methods may differ slightly from those described above. Therefore, while navigating, keep an eye out for a statement of account because it might be there in front of you.

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