How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

In recent times, most NYSC Corps Members using Facebook are losing their accounts to hackers, who will change their passwords, change their display names and change their profile and cover photos. This prompted us to write this post as to guide you on how to secure your facebook account against attackers.

After the successful hacking, the hacker will now be using the hacked profile to scam their unsuspecting friends.

But today, We at are here to share with you a new way to secure your account from hackers, even if they’d know your password.

Below is how to secure your Facebook account.

Please, before you proceed, first of all, download an app called “Google Authenticator” from Play Store or External Link, because you’ll use the app later in this post.

After downloading the Google Authenticator, don’t open it yet, we’ll tell you when to do so.

Now start reading……..

  • 1. Open your Facebook App and locate the Settings and Privacy, when it opens, select Settings.

How to secure your Facebook account



  • 2. Scroll down and click on Security and Login to continue.

How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

  • 3. When it opens, scroll down and under Two-Factor Authentication, select use two-factor authentication and when it opens, click on Get Started.

How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

  • 4. After clicking on Get Started, you’ll see Authentication App and under it, select Set up an app like Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile to generate login codes and click Continue to proceed.



How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

  • 5. After clicking on Continue, it will open a new page containing a QR code and a key. Don’t click on Next yet, just carefully copy down the exact key provided in a sheet of paper and keep it safe. Make sure to write it the same way it is, including the spaces in-between the key.

  • 6. Remember the app that we earlier told you in this post to download, this is the time you’ll use it. Now, minimize the Facebook App and open your downloaded Google Authenticator app. After opening the App, click on BEGIN to continue.

How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers


  • 7. Click on SKIP and when it opens, you’ll see Add an Account, below it, you’ll see two options which are Scan a barcode and Enter a provided key. Select Enter a provided key.

How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers


How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

  • 8. When it opens, fill your Facebook Account name accurately and the key that you’d copied down. After filling it appropriately, click on ADD button.



  • 9. Once you’re done clicking on the ADD button, you’ll be provided with a six digit code with your Facebook account name written below it. Copy the code down and minimize the Authenticator App. The code should be changing, but you shouldn’t worry, just copy the last changed one and minimize the Authenticator App fast.

How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

  • 10. Now, head back to your Facebook App and continue from where you’d previously stopped, click on Next and enter the six digit code you’d obtained from Google Authenticator in the Confirmation Code box provided. When you’re done, click on Next and you might be prompted to enter your Facebook profile password and click on Submit.

How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers


How to secure your Facebook account




  • 11. That’s it. You’ll now see a new page with a title “Two-Factor Authentication is On. Click on Finish.

Facebook account

Congratulations, your Facebook account can never be hacked by a hacker anymore.

NOTE: Anytime you want to Log-in to your Facebook account from a new device, you will be prompted to enter a new six digit code.

You’ll always use the Google Authenticator app to obtain the code.


You might be asking questions like, after setting this Google Authenticator App successfully, what happens when your phone spoils or gets stolen, will you also be able to Login to your Facebook account or will you lose the account completely.

Facebook have you covered, that’s why there’s always a PLAN B for everything.

After setting the Google Authenticator App, you can get 10 recovery login codes from Facebook. You can use these codes, when your mobile phone is out of reach.

To get the codes, Go to Settings and Privacy – Settings – Security and Login – Use two-factor authentication. Enter your password and tap Continue. When it opens, tap Recovery Codes and copy the 10 codes that appear and keep them in a safe place.

Each code that you use out of the 10 recovery codes expires and a new one is replaced. So if you use one of them, 9 will be remaining, unless you go back to copy the one that has been replaced.


How to secure your Facebook account



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