How to See Deleted Reddit Posts In 6 Different Ways

Seeing a removed post with many upvotes while reading Reddit is annoying. After taking a quick glance at the topic title, your curiosity takes over and you start to fantasize about how wonderful it would be if you could simply travel back in time to see what the deleted thread was about.

That isn’t feasible—only the time travel component. We’ll show you six different ways to see old, deleted Reddit posts and comments so you may satiate your curious curiosity.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts In 6 Different Ways

1. Udditt

The easiest method to view deleted Reddit threads is definitely Unddit. You may see deleted posts and comments, and it color-codes them to distinguish between deleted information according to who deleted it. Unddit will also disclose the username of the individual who first published the comment.

It’s not difficult to use Unddit. Drag the red Unddit button from the website to the favorites bar by simply going there. Now that the page has fully loaded, click the Unddit bookmark from the bar after opening the deleted Reddit post you wish to read.

Alternatively, you can just substitute “unddit” for “reddit” in the thread’s URL to go to the identical Unddit web page.

The information is pulled from the Pushshift archive by Unddit and displayed in an outdated Reddit-like UI. Since 2015, Pushshift, a tool for tracking and collecting social media data, has archived Reddit data.

To distinguish between user-deleted and moderator-removed comments, Unddit uses a red-blue color scheme. The comments with a red background were deleted by a subreddit moderator, while the comments with a blue highlight were erased by users.You’ll need to wait while Unddit loads the data if you want to see all the removed comments on a post. But if you want to quickly access a specific comment in a thread, there is a solution. Unddit will only fetch and load that topic from the archive if you supply the direct link to the thread that contains the removed comment.

2. Reveddit

There is only one text area available on where you can enter the username, subreddit name, or thread link.

When a subreddit name is entered, Reveddit displays a list of all the threads and comments that have been removed from that subreddit. Afterwards, you can either use other search options to get what you’re looking for or browse through the results to see if anything catches your eye.

You can include URLs for both posts and particular topics, much like on Unddit. Also, you can examine the thread’s erased material by changing the word “reddit” in the URL to “reveddit“.

The sole disadvantage? Users’ removed comments are not shown on Revedit. Only comments that the subreddit’s moderator has removed are shown.

3. Reddit Search by Unddit

Have you spent hours scouring Unddit or Reveddit for a deleted Reddit comment with no luck? Instead, try Reddit Search by Unddit. It is comparable to Resavr (mentioned below) in that it exclusively focuses on deleted comments rather than postings. There is an option to search for deleted entries, but it doesn’t seem to operate at the time of writing.

You can narrow down your search by using the many filtering tools at Enter the login to get started, then choose the Before and After dates to define a range. By filling up the appropriate fields, you can also retrieve results from specific subreddits and regulate the quantity of entries it returns.

The Search Term field is the most useful component. You can type a few words from the deleted comment into the search bar if you’ve read it before, but can’t recall the entire thing. You can read that deleted Reddit comment again with only one click if you use the appropriate search criteria and filters.

4. Resavr

Due to its inability to read deleted posts, Resavr may not be the best website to search for deleted Reddit content. There is an entire website devoted to viewing deleted comments. Another problem is that you can’t use the thread’s link to search for a specific topic in order to find a particular removed comment.

The interface is quite straightforward. It is a terrific website for individuals who simply want to kill some time by reading deleted comments because it keeps track of recently deleted Reddit comments. You can examine the complete post to understand the context behind it by following the link to the original, now-deleted Reddit topic.

5. The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine, also referred to as the Internet Archive, is a repository for all online content, including Reddit. The Wayback Machine may contain a copy of the comment you’re looking for if the aforementioned tools are unable to show you the deleted Reddit posts.

Go to and type the URL of the Reddit post you wish to view to get started. Make sure to first purge the URL of any extraneous, trailing HTTP arguments.

On the website, a calendar will show all of the recorded photos. If there is a pertinent snapshot, you can access the web page by clicking on the day the snapshot was taken.

6. Google Cache

Google indexes web sites similarly to the Wayback Machine and stores a cached version of those pages for visitors to view. Using Google’s cache, you can also see deleted Reddit comments and posts.

Start by typing the thread’s title into a search engine to find the Reddit post. Click on the three-dot icon next to the result when you locate the post in the search engine results page. The More options list will expand when you click the downward arrow. It signifies that Google has a cached copy of that page and you can access it by choosing the option that is labeled Cached if you find one.

If you’re lucky, you’ll still be able to read the deleted thread or comment you want to see before Google searches the website again and stores a fresh copy of it. Given that Reddit is a well-known social media platform and that Google searches it at an alarming rate and constantly changes the cached pages, it should be evident that this only works with recently deleted comments.

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