How To Sign Up For A GoFundMe Account

Have you heard about GoFundMe but don’t know what the platform is all about? If ‘yes’, read this post till the end, as we discuss how to sign up for a GoFundMe account and all you need to know about the platform.

GoFundMe is one of the recognized platform where people crowdfund to raise cash for several projects, without having troubles of refunding the money raised. As of current, Crowdfunding has become a popular/recognized means of raising businesses and projects capitals, with GoFundMe known as the largest crowdfunding platform globally.

Statistically, over nine billion U.S Dollars ($9,000,000,000) had being raised by a community of about fifty million (50,000,000) registered donors and members. Although there are several crowdfunding platforms with good reputations where one can raise funds for creative endeavors, projects, or startups, but the flexibility of GoFundMe has made it to be more popular, and also the most used.

GoFundMe made it easy to raise funds for the following purposes;

  • Personal Idea (e.g. Volunteer Programs),
  • Family needs (e.g. Medical Expenses),
  • Project (e.g. Sporting Arena).

Once you decide to raise fund using the GoFundMe platform, there won’t be any charges demanded from you to set up your account. Also, donors can easily contribute to the projects using either a debit or credit card, as long as it interest them.

How to sign up for a GoFundMe account

Below are procedure in setting up a GoFundMe account:

1) Visit,

2) Fill the sign up form with your details,

3) Click “Next” button to create an account,

4) Once you have created an account, you can proceed to sign in,

5) When signed in, you will be allowed to begin a fundraising with the platform’

6) input the required information to create a fundraiser (i.e. Title, Purpose, etc),

7) Input the goal amount,

8) Upload an image to signify the authenticity,

9) Draft a brief story stating who you are, reason for the fundraising, and how the fund raised will be used.

Once all these are done, the link can now be shared to the community, for your audience to give their donations.

Cost of Setting up a GoFundMe account

The entire process in creating account with GoFundMe is free of charge. However, a charge of 2.9 percent transaction fee plus $0.30 is collected while making donations with a debit/credit card.

Setting Up GoFundMe Account in Nigeria

As at current, GoFundMe account can only be setup in nineteen (19) countries worldwide of which Nigeria isn’t one of those countries. But Nigerians still use the platform through the help of someone who lives in any of the accepted countries.

This therefore means that the Nigerian raising the fund will be added as a beneficiary by the third party who is in the supported country, to enable him/her monitor the progress of the account used in making the fundraising.


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