How to solve “Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment”

Recently, so many PCMs have been facing challenges whilst trying to choose their states of deployment during registration and we at is here to reveal to you what you should do if you’re among.

Because of you, we contacted the NYSC management about the error and they told us that those getting “Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment” shouldn’t worry at all, because, they’ll surely be deployed to a state, during deployment next week.

With this update, you shouldn’t panic anymore, because you’re duly covered and you’ll surely serve your country.

Just prepare for stream one orientation camp exercise on Tuesday, June 18th 2019.


  1. Pls my marital status is single but its showing on my green card as married….Also my year of starting uni is wrong…will it affect me…how to correct it

  2. Thanks alot comrade. But how can the Green card be printed since the registration is not completed?

  3. Good afternoon. Please my state of origin on my nysc portal is incorrect. How do I correct it

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