How To Start A Fuel Station Business In Nigeria

Fuel Station Business In Nigeria: Owning a filling station is one of the greatest chances of making money on a daily basis, irrespective of the economic crisis that affects the use of other commodities. It is also one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria, which can be either a filling station for fuel or gas, depending on the oil marketer you are dealing with.

This is because they have no limit as to how they can serve human needs better in terms of transportation, generating light, and the use of gas for cooking.

Fuel Station Business

This didn’t just help individuals, but rather the nation at large, as Nigeria experienced light interruptions on countless occasions. Due to this, many businesses, homes, offices, industries, and individuals who rely on electricity to complete their daily tasks choose to use fuel, diesel, or gas, depending on what they intend to use it for. This alone has pushed many wealthy Nigerian citizens to set up filling stations.

Nigerian Oil Sector

Having read from the first paragraph on how filling stations could enrich their owners, it is necessary to know that Nigerians as a country, not just a country, but a giant of Africa, are widely benefiting from the oil sector in terms of mining out their crude oil, which is majorly used in the production of gas, fuel, diesel, and aviation fuel, which is fuel used for aeroplanes, helicopters, jets, and every other invention that is a means of air transportation.

Furthermore, Nigerians had the world record of being one of the nations that produced the highest quantity of oil of any other listed countries. That made it one of the world’s best oil-producing nations and, at the same time, a nation whose citizens mostly relied on oil to make a living, including their politicians.

As previously explained in terms of transportation, cooking, and generating light due to the country’s poor record of power supply, because of the high demand for this oil, those who market or sell it, such as black market or filling station owners, have a chance of benefiting from it.

Therefore, the joy that goes with this is that it tends to ensure you the opportunity of money flow on a daily basis unless you are in the wrong position. Things like fuel, gas, kerosine, diesel, and others are also needed on a daily basis.

Therefore, many who would or have dreamt of having a filling station in Nigeria should kindly keep scrolling down to know all it takes to own one of these in Nigeria, along with the benefits attached to it.

How to start a filling station business in Nigeria

Below are steps to starting a filling station business in Nigeria. The following steps listed here are the best and most welcoming steps from my research to help you make your dream come true. These steps are:

1. Develop a Business Plan

The problem with wealthy Nigerian men, both young and old, is their lack of sense to make a business plan before going into a business, and when they fail, they in turn blame their foundation, much like one who has failed to make a business plan for their filling station business. However, it is important that you draw out the type of oil marketer you want to become as they are on the list.

This is very important to take into consideration, as it will help you to determine the needs of the people where you intend to set up the business. Likewise, your marketing strategies will depend on the kind of marketer you choose to be and how you can supply or provide the oil.

In addition, oil marketers (customers’ distributors) are of two types in Nigeria: dependent and independent marketers. Dependent marketers are those who hold the franchise of major oil marketers; that is, they market with the influence of top-graded oil marketers with fully branded products.

Examples are those who market under Oando, Total, Mobile, Texaco, and so on, which are the major oil markets in Nigeria. Ensure a strong agreement between you and the body of the major oil marketer. Also, follow their policies and benefit from their knowledge.

While independent marketers are those that purchase directly from the production sector, which is the NNPC, they are reliable on their own terms and conditions, including the benefit or bonu they gain as an independent oil marketer.

2. Registration

Registering your filling station as a marketer will go a long way towards helping your business, like securing your identity in the event of illegal issues that may arise in the future. Therefore, register with a cooperative and have a well-recognized license for your business.

3. Begin building

The third stage is to start the construction, which requires funding and architectural work for a well-designed plan. Above it all, carry out a feasibility study, mostly on demand from the residents and the location where you want to set up your filling station. To make it more enjoyable, they built it on the road side where motorcyclists always passed through.

4. Placement of tanks and more

Having followed all the necessary aspects of setting up your filling station, start planting your fuel tanks on the plot where you intend to set up the business. They hold the oil you sell to the public; make sure they are large enough to hold 45,000–60,000 litres of oil, which is the standard size. Do not run out of oil before demanding more. You will be an incompetent businessman if that happens constantly, despite the fact that the Nigerian oil sector is not on strike.

5. Employ an expert engineer

During construction, try to hire the best expert engineer who can handle much of your construction work, like:

A bungalow: They determine if the size goes with the owner’s desire, along with location.
Oil pump: the same people fixed the oil pump, which is used to serve prospective oil buyers.

Canopy: The canopy protects the oil pump and the staff who sell oil to the buyers.
Perimeter fence: This is necessary because it covers the building but needs to have a wide open entrance where you can go in and out.All this is the work of the expert you hire to perfect your work and bring it to your test.

6. Hard core concrete

Due to the frequent penetration of heavy vehicles and cars, filling station owners should have a strong ground floor so the flow can last longer.

7. Reliable Generator

The importance of this is to save your business from being interrupted by the country’s public power supply. So it makes it necessary to purchase a generator.

8. Staffing

This is the last thing on the list, since the filling station owners can’t run the business alone, so they need people to see to the day-to-day running of the activities, and these are the main needs for staff, like managers, cashiers, attendants, security guards, and supervisors.

Note: The oil marketers are those that help to bring in the final stages of oil production, such as the filling station owners.

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