How To Survive Plane Crash and Remain Healthy

Plane crash is always terrible and surviving is rare in an event of a crash. Many people have experienced a close shave on the air, especially when the turbulence goes above the normal. Such an experience could make one ask: ‘is it over for me?’. Well, it is not over yet! many people have survived plane accidents and you too can. This article provides guide on how to survive plane crash.

What are the steps to take to survive a plane crash?

In 1971, Juliane Koepcke became the only survivor of a crash involving a Lansa Flight 508 in Peru, after dropping 2miles from the sky into a forest, still hooked to her seat. What saved her was the survival skills, which she applied. Therefore you should take what this article is about to teach you seriously. If you ever find yourself in a situation when the turbulence becomes more than the pilot can handle, the following tips should be activated immediately.

1. Fly with Large Aircraft

The number one fact you need to know is, ‘the larger aircraft is, the safer to fly in’. Large aircrafts have higher capacity for absorbing shocks, more than the small planes.

2. Flight Safety Manuals

Do not be among passengers who see no need to listen to flight attendants or pay attention to flight safety manuals because they feel it is all the same. Always listen to and act on every word the flight attendants say, as they are well informed in what they do.

3. Use Your Oxygen Masks

The purpose of the oxygen masks in the aircraft is to generate additional oxygen in situations of loss of air pressure within the cabinet. It is understandable you might be out of your mind at such a point, know that you will require wearing your oxygen mask to have the chance of survival.

4. Dock

According to research, leaning forward in anticipation of a crash can help protect you in terms of a secondary impact, where your head could switch forward and get slammed into a strong surface.

5. Release Your Seat Belt

While it is understandable, you are likely to panic in events of plane malfunctioning, learn to release your seat belt. The good thing is, it is not automatic, which makes it easy to disconnect manually.

6. Overcome Smoke

Bend very low to the ground and cover your nose while escaping the smoke. You can make use of your clothes in the absence of a nose mask. Ensure you wet them with any uninflammable liquid around you.

7. Get Out Fast

In events of crash landing where you are still alive, run out quick. It is important to always remember that you have just 90 seconds to escape to safety.

8. Survive

Where the aircraft crash into a water, use your life jacket. Then swim to areas where there is wave and wind. This way the wind will take away flames from coming close to you.

Conclusively, if you are with your kids, teach them what to do in cases of emergency.

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