5 Unforgettable Nigerian Romantic Movies You Should Watch Again

Before the incursion of cable television, cinema, YouTube and other entertainment platforms in Nigeria, Nollywood Movies were the pride of homes across the street. Whereas many people believe there is a bigger difference between Nigerian movies and Nollywood movies, the names are only used interchangeably, as they are the same.

With paid streaming platforms like Netflix, Iroko TV a click away from you, getting the old versions of DVDs can prove hard to come by. Notwithstanding, some DVDs more than deserve to preserved to be watched again and again.

These movies are completely built around love and other educative themes. They are famous for arousing longing feeling in the hearts of the viewer.

5 Unforgettable Nigerian Romantic Movies

Below is the list of 5 unforgettable Nigerian Romantic Movies:

1. Letter To A Stranger

The story line of Letter to a Stranger is centered on Jemima, a young, beautiful lady whose love life with Fredrick, her boyfriend, hinge on the dictates of Fredrick’s mother who is known for controlling the life of Fred and everything about him. Produced in 2007, the movie is graced by the appearance of D’Banj and the veteran Segun Arinze.

2. Keeping Faith

While many people may have forgotten the story and them of keeping Faith, the movie still arouses emotions on those who still can remember the details. Featuring the love deities of Nollywood in the delectable Genevieve Nnaji and RMD, the movie narrates the story of Nadine and everything she does to keep Prince, her man.

The movie shows that, whereas a woman my employ diverse means to keep her man, using sex, food or even Juju, it is really the most mundane things that can make him remain.

3. Bonds of Love

Produced in 2016, this movie remains a choice one. The movie which feature two Nollywood veterans in the lover boy, Emeka Ike and the ever-young and beautiful Genevieve reveals the length to which lovers can travel just to be in the arms of each other.

4. Knocking on Heaven’s Door

This movie portrays exactly what is happening in a world today, where many couples look so happy and perfect on the outside but could become the worst set of couples if people have access to see how they live in their homes.

Starring the beautiful Adesua Etomi and Blossom Chukwumerije as couple who met in the church as a choir member and choir director, the movie tells the story a couple who seem perfect on the outside while their marriage was being devour by domestic violence often perpetuated against the wife. Ultimately, the violence drove her into the arms of a music producer who stole her heart and made her adopt a different genre of music.

5. Flower Girl

Flower girl is a comic romantic movie that narrates the story of Kemi, a lady dying to get married to Umar who is driven by his career. This movie is the exact depiction of “from fiction to reality” as it happened that Dami and Chris later became married in real life.

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