How To Use Your Android Mobile Phone To Detect A Spy Camera In A Room

Today, we live in a world where surveillance has become a tool used by people to achieve different goals, which could be positive and negative. On the positive side, security agencies use data collected from surveillance to protect people from harm or dangerous people. And, on the negative side, private individuals can use information collected through surveillance to blackmail people and use same to extort them.

This acts are carried out by security agencies and individuals by the aid of very tiny yet sophisticated cameras which can be hidden in places that we cannot imagine. The world is becoming increasingly dangerous with the high level of technological innovations that keeps being modifying into smaller sizes every day. One needs to be very smart to be able to protect himself.

To save yourself the embarrassment of being recorded in your privacy, we will teach you, in this article, how you can detect a hidden camera in a room, with your mobile phone.

But, before you go ahead to learn about how you can detect the presence of a hidden camera in a room, you must first understand how some of the applications on your android phone works.

Some of the apps you have on your phone will always request that you grant them access to use your location service, file manager and camera service. Once you grant this access, your phone camera can be setup, without your knowledge, to disclose your location, take pictures of you and make your files public online.

How to detect a spy camera in a room using your mobile phone

  • Turn the lights off the moment you enter the room and close all the curtains. Follow this up by turning on your phone’s camera, without having the camera flashlight turned on.
  • Walk round the room with your phone camera still on.
  • Set your eyes on the phone’s screen while you move around the room. If you see a red dot on the screen of your phone, it means that there is a surveillance camera installed somewhere in the room.

That was too simple to be believed, right? Okay. Let us show you the alternative way of detecting the presence of a sensor light in a dark room.

When in a dark you, while you have your camera turned on, pick a remote control and point it at the lens of your phone’s camera while giving a distance of 2 centimeter. Press any button on the remote control and you will see a light on the phone’s screen which, ordinarily, your eyes would not see anytime you press any button on the remote.


This information is very vital. We share it to help people avoid falling victim to the use of cameras to record people in their privacy. Please, share this because your friends and family members need this information to be able to protect themselves from being recorded without their knowledge.

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