How To Write Internship Application Letter With Sample

Application letters, which can also serve as cover letters, differ depending on the job kind, organization, and function for which you are seeking. This is to say that an application letter for an internship will differ from one for a full-time career.

What Is An Internship?

An internship is a temporary job role that corporations offer to fresh university graduates who want to obtain practical experience in a specific subject. Internships typically last from a few weeks to many months. Interns get practical knowledge and build new talents during this time that they can utilize in their chosen field.

What Is Internship Application Letter?

An internship application letter is a document that is submitted with your resume to persuade the potential employer that you are a good fit for the position.

Characteristics Of A Good Internship Application Letter

  • A decent internship application letter allows you to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the employment and should thus include specific components that convey how you feel.
  • The letter should be well-structured and specific to the internship offer.
  • A captivating opening and body that quickly touches on your qualifications and experience should be included in an internship application letter.
  • Your talents, expertise, and education should be mentioned succinctly in the letter.
  • The letter must be formal and free of grammatical faults.
  • Your application letter should conclude on a positive note, expressing your enthusiasm and thankfulness.

While keeping the criteria given above in mind, the following are crucial components of an effective internship application letter:

  • Greetings
  • Introduction
  • Educational background
  • Skills/Experience
  • Relevance of your skills
  • Closing paragraph

What Should An Internship Application Letter Look Like?

Examples of internship application letters show how a letter should be written if you want to work as an intern for a company.

Sample Of Application For Internship

Emmanuel James

Maryland, Lagos


Stephen Adoga

Managing Director

Adogasmedia Group

Enugu, Nigeria

Dear sir,


I am writing to apply for the internship post of accounts person at Adogasmedia Group that was listed on LinkedIn (or any other job source). I am a recent graduate of the University of Ibadan, where I studied Accounting (name your subject of study), and I am excited to put my excellent talents to use at your organization.

While in school, I honed my skills in Accounting and Analytics (add your topic of interest), and I am beyond excited to begin practicing and learning vital knowledge in a professional situation.

Your organization stands tall and exudes a great deal of excellence. Its dedication to (name a specific project or endeavor) aligns nicely with my professional aims and objectives.

I have a solid foundation of (indicate talents relevant to the internship role) thanks to my school project and a few of course works. In addition, my experience as the accounting head of class (name function or position) has sharpened my communication, organizing, and problem-solving abilities (explain relevant skills). I am confident that these qualities, combined with my motivation, determination, and openness to learning, make me an excellent candidate for the internship position. 

I am eager to learn about and contribute to this famous institution. I am confident that as an intern, I will have a beneficial impact on the work community.

I have attached my resume, which will provide further information about my capabilities. I am willing to explain how my talents and abilities match the internship opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to examine my application.

Thank you for your time as well. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Emmanuel James


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