HSE Training In Nigeria: See the cost of the training in urban cities

To work in some companies in Nigeria, especially the multi-nationals where the salary remuneration is very attractive, you need to possess some special certifications. These kinds of certifications boost your chances of getting employed. You can get these types of certifications by having the Health and Safety Environment (HSE) training which, in a majority of employment cases, is a requirement for employment into a job position.

With the demand for HSE certification becoming a constant phenomenon among employers labor, we are certain that many people might want to know the cost of this training. This article will give you extensive information about the latest cost of HSE training in Nigeria.

Why is the HSE training important?

The Health Safety, and Environment (HSE) training is created to solve various workplace health and safety issues, especially issues that affect the welfare and both the health of workers and the company. The core aim of the programme is to equip staff with the knowledge required to prevent damage or harm to the people. This training is provided by institutions and centres that have a lot of courses in different areas of safety and general health.

What are the HSE courses available to choose from?

Some of the HSE course available to choose from include:

• Business Development Training

• Project management Training

• First Aid and CPR Training

• Work Place Conflict Management

• Accident Investigation & Basic Fire Fighting and Rescue Training

• Rig Safety Training

• Confined Space entry Training

• Introduction to Oil and Gas Career Training

• Rigging and Slinging Training

• Construction Safety Training

• Safe Handling of Chemicals Training (SHOC)

• Food Handling and Hygiene Training

What is the current cost of HSE Training in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the cost of HSE training is not fixed according to areas and regions. However, the prices are similar in the way of their little differences. Although factors such as locations, fees, among other things are based on the centre at which you undergo your training. For the purpose of clarity, the following are the cost of HSE training in popular cities in Nigeria:

Lagos State:

In Lagos state, full HSE training hovers around N60,000 – N300,000. However, on the chance that the courses are to be taken differently, that is, in part, the following are the cost per part:

• HSE 1 – N35,000 – N70,000
• HSE 2 – N60,000 – N150,000
• HSE 3 – N90,000 – N170,000


The take HSE training in Abuja is slightly lower than it is in Lagos. With N90,000 to N250,000 you can get a full training package, which is a combination of HSE 1, 2, and 3. In other urban areas like Port Harcourt and other states, you can get trained at the cost of between N50,000 – N180,000.

Source: Nyscinfo

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