I did not fall at Eagle Sq – Tinubu Explained What he did

President Bola Tinubu addressed the public regarding an incident that occurred while he was attempting to board the parade vehicle. Speaking at the 25th Democracy Day Anniversary Dinner at the State House Conference Centre, Tinubu humorously explained his stumble as a symbolic gesture of reverence for democracy.

“June 12 embodies the essence of our democratic fight,” Tinubu stated. “This morning’s incident, which is already circulating on social media, has sparked confusion. Some think I was attempting a dance or traditional move, but in reality, it was a moment to honor democracy by performing a dobale.”

Dobale, a traditional Yoruba act of prostration, was what Tinubu attributed his fall to, emphasizing his pride in his cultural heritage. “As a Yoruba man, I naturally performed my dobale at Eagle Square,” he said. “Democracy is something worth bowing for, and it’s heartening to see everyone gathered here today.”

This light-hearted clarification highlights the President’s connection to cultural traditions and his commitment to celebrating Nigeria’s democratic progress.

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