I Will Invest Gulder Ultimate Search Money On Education, Real Estate, Says Odudu Otu

Odudu Otu, the winner of the just ended Gulder Ultimate Search (Season 12), has stated that he has no plans to spend the N30 million cash award he won.

He said in an interview with Sunday Scoop:

“I have no intention of spending the money because that would be unreasonable. My intention is to invest the money. I will be investing in my education, as well as real estate. Just after I won the show, I told myself that now is not the moment to sleep or relax, but a time for me to work harder. I want to venture into the fashion industry and the movie industry, and also focus on my education.”

When asked how he felt when he was named the show’s winner, Otu stated:

“I had a great feeling when I was announced as the winner of GUS Season 12. At that moment, I recalled when I entered the show as a ‘wildcard’. Ending up as the winner of the show was a big deal for me because it was akin to moving from grass to grace. I began to see myself as a potential winner when we started having individual tasks. I had a positive outlook, and I was focused, so I knew I was going to win the crown.”

The sports fan, who is from Akwa Ibom, also stated that he learned a lot about himself while on the show.

He explained, “I realised I could tolerate people and I could be calm. Most importantly, I learnt that there is always a solution to every problem if one takes the time to think. I also learnt how to work under pressure.

“Now, I can stay off social media for about a month and it would not have any negative effect on me.”

Speaking about how he plans to stay relevant after the show, Odudu said:

“I am not a loud person, neither am I a quiet person. People should not expect me to be loud or become quiet forever because I love taking people by surprise. Many people were wowed by the fact that I was a wildcard who went on to win the competition. When I came in as a wildcard, I had no intention of going back home because I felt that I had to use the opportunity wisely, so I made sure I never came last during any task. I took time to observe other contestants, and it gave me an advantage because a lot of people did not see me coming. I am currently studying Business Education at the National Open University because I love business and the school gives room for flexibility, so I am able to do other things.”

Otu was awarded N50 million in incentives, including an SUV and a round-trip flight to Dubai.

Source: Nyscinfo

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