INEC Election 2023 Training Portal For Adhoc staff

Recall that we provided an update on the INEC Election 2023 Training Date for All Election Officials a few days ago, and we now believe that the training has begun nationwide.

In response to this, the Electoral Institute (TEI) of INEC has created an e-learning website and app named INEC E-SCHOOL with assistance from @IFESNigeria. The platform’s objective is to increase electoral training’s overall efficacy.

The website is a user-friendly platform featuring SPO, APO/PO, and CO courses that are specifically designed to increase the ability of election officials, INEC personnel, and the general public. In your browser, go to the INEC E-School website. visit: You can also visit Google Playstore to download the INEC e-School app.

In order to make the 2023 General Election the finest one ever, INEC says it is dedicated to doing so. In order to make sure that Nigerians have a positive election-related experience, you will also be crucial.
On February 25, 2023, the general elections in Nigeria will begin. With only a few days till voting begins, INEC is ensuring that election officials get the greatest preparation for the general election process in 2023.

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