INEC Salary Structure Based On Educational Levels

Are you interested in knowing how much INEC pays their staff per month? If ‘yes’, here you will get the full breakdowns of the INEC salary structure in Nigeria.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is a government agency in Nigeria with the mission to conduct free, fair and credible elections for sustainable democracy in the country. Like other government agencies in Nigeria, INEC has a salary structure in place for all its employees, and it is a function of their various qualifications; this means the higher your educational qualification, the higher your salary amount.

All those who wish to get INEC job will find this piece interesting as it carries the information about how much INEC pay it staff, to enable you to set up to earn higher when you eventually get employed.

Apart from the salary structure, we will also discuss other juicy benefits working with INEC.

INEC Salary Structure based on educational qualification

INEC salary for level 4: These are the School leavers, those who get employed with the secondary school certificate. They are being placed on grade level 4. Their salary ranges from ₦376,194 to ₦497,000.

INEC salary for Level 7: These are the Diploma Certificate Holders (like HND). They are being placed on grade level 7. Their salary range is ₦368,133 to ₦961,577.

INEC salary for Grade Level 8: They are the University graduates with their First Degree (bachelor’s degree). They are placed on level 8 grade. Their salary range is between ₦799,421 and ₦1,174,395.

INEC salary for Directors: They are grade level 14 civil servants. The salary range is ₦1,503,149 to ₦2,101,600. The above salary range is monthly and based on the educational qualification of the staff.

INEC staff welfare

One very interesting thing about working with INEC is the welfare package that an employee stands to enjoy. Inec is known for putting high premium on the welfare of its staff, from security to accommodation, to transportation and feeding. Now, let’s take a look at these welfare packages distinctly.

Medical Care

Inec understands that, to work effectively, a staff needs to be in a state of good health. As a result of this need, it provides for health measures that cater to the health needs of all its employees, free of charge.


Inec is responsible for the accommodation of all its staff wherever they are deployed to work. This type of accommodation is one that gives the commission’s employee topnotch convenience. In most cases, this welfare package is enjoyed by staff who are deployed to high-risk areas.

INEC Cooperative Society

As it is in all civil service offices, INEC provides for membership of cooperative society for all its staff members. The cooperative ensures that staff members gain access to a very good number of private assets.

INEC Pension

As a staff, you are guaranteed participation in the government assistance pension scheme. This means that each staff is paid a certain percentage of his compensation towards the end of each month.

INEC Promotion

The Independent National Electoral Commission always recognises and rewards hard work and outstanding performances by promoting staff whom it is found worthy of such promotion. This promotion come with increment of salary and improved general benefits. Having passed INEC’s assessment, a 2018 report indicates that 847 junior staff and 1,365 ranking staff were promoted.

INEC Training

To prepare its staff for the challenge of delivering good services, INEC always organizes training for its staff members. This training is done to prepare election officers, ad hoc staff and individual members.

INEC Transportation allowance

In order to ease the burden of the cost of transportation from its staff members, the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) always subsidizes the cost of transportation for its staff by giving them stipends to support the one they have. This includes ₦30,000 for election officials at ₦1,000 each day.

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