International Peace Essay Contest 2023 For Ukraine War

The International Peace Essay Contest for Ukraine War invites people across the world who are inspired to express their opinions on the themes of peace and conflict in the Ukraine War.

Each of us has the ability to aid those in need and to ensure the safety and well-being of animals. Conflict resolution and peacebuilding both promote unity and understanding. Conflict avoidance and peacebuilding are more crucial than ever. The risk of hunger, violence, exploitation, and family division increased as a result of the Ukraine war. Pain and loss have been experienced, especially by vulnerable families and children. The battle in Ukraine also claims the lives of animals. Pets were left behind by people who had to leave their houses. Environmental damage may persist for a long time after a bomb detonates or a bullet is discharged, which could be harmful to biodiversity, animals, and people.

Answer one of the following questions:

Question 1: What negotiations or policies would you recommend to contribute to peacebuilding from the perspective of your own country? What could your country do to help solve the conflict? Or what will be your role in international peacebuilding?

Question 2: What are your ideas for protecting wildlife or pets that lost their owners during the war while improving animal welfare in wartime?

Question 3: The war can negatively affect the environment and earth, such as changing weather patterns, worsening soil and air quality, and having long-term effects on human health. What are your ideas toward improving policies which may help eliminate environmental harm due to the war?

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