Involvement of Nigeria Government on Co-working Space For Startup

Have you heard of Co-working space but barely knows about it? Are you an individual who work from home, yet faces several forms of distractions? If ‘yes’, why not sit down as we tell you about it, and reason why the FG need to get involve in it.

The term Co-working space is an environment where several persons go to for the purpose of carrying out their individual project/job, without having business with others in the very space. This environment could be a building with several offices, where the individual(s) can easily carryout their various personal jobs that they can still do at home.

In simple terms, it’s a place where one can focus on his/her work. The basic difference between a Co-working space and a normal office is the fact that those occupying the space are not in anyway working for the same firm/organization, nor have a compulsory meeting with a stipulated rules.

As at current, securing a job isn’t an easy quest, and for this reason people are now going into self business (sole proprietorship), with many working for others through online platforms. This makes them to work at home depending on the role they play, and sometimes faces some setbacks like, loneliness, lack of electricity, noise from neighbors or siblings, etc.

For the fact that the Government is also putting effort to support the youths to start up their own business, it will be nice if FG invest in Co-working space that will enable them have fate in what they do no matter how small the business is.

Private sectors can as well work with the government in this quest, which will definitely yield flexibility, productivity, work balancing, proper usage of time, networking etc. and favour those that are into freelancing, online marketing, Social Media Manager, web designers, as well as other jobs that seeks the optimum usage of a Co-working space.

Most of the above mentioned businesses need offices normally, of which the expenses to acquire an office is even more expensive when compared with what they earn monthly including their personal expenditures. Therefore, the government and well mean private organizations can choose to setup a Co-working space that will be used by these individuals to avoid the cost of running their jobs from a paid office or shop.

If you are in agreement with the suggestion, you can as well explain how you feel about the idea using the comment box below.

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