Is It True That N-Agro Has Been Cancelled?

The assertion that the N-Agro program has been terminated is false information and should not be taken seriously because Npower management has never stated that Npower Agro will be terminated.

One of Npower’s programs, Npower Agro, has the potential to provide employment if it is properly run. Therefore, we do not see a cause for it to be canceled. As long as Npower doesn’t mention differently, dismiss any updates that claim N-Agro has been canceled.

Numerous Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries have been deployed through the Npower Agro program; they have now resumed their duties after successfully completing their deployment exercise.

Although the administration attempted to switch the Npower Agro program to the non-graduate category prior to the start of the Npower batch C program. But those plans fell through, and Npower Agro was left in the Npower graduate category with a stipend payout of N30,000 per month.

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