Job Interview: 6 Ways To Sell Yourself To An Employer 2022

‘Why should we hire you?’ is one of the job interview questions that every employer of labour poses to job seekers everywhere in the world.

While sounds very simple, those who have gone through job interview(s) before would testify how trickery it could be to answer such a question to the satisfaction of the interviewer.

To help our readers understand how to handle job interviews, here are six ways to communicate your worth to a potential employer during an interview:

1. Improved Customer Service

Is it possible for you to increase the organization’s service quality? What do you mean by that? How can you link this to increased efficiency, output, a faster TAT (turnaround time), or even revenue?

2. Increased Profits

Are you able to increase revenue? Can you help them increase their sales? Are you able to extend their market? Are there any more acquisitions planned? I demonstrated a good understanding of the market in the example I provided. Your prospective employer can rely on you if you do this, especially if you’re in sales.

3. Cost-cutting

Employers will be more ready to listen to you if you can show them how to save money. Either the revenues or the costs must increase in order to improve profitability. You have a leg up if you can demonstrate how to reduce costs.

4. Resolve Issues

This should go without saying. Every business has an issue that it is attempting to solve. Is it possible for you to remedy that issue? It could be a bug in their app or website that you discovered. Or do you have a suggestion on how a campaign may be run more effectively? Share your concept and you’ll be hired.

5. Become an expert in a specific task

If you’re so exceptional at something that there aren’t many people with those skills in your business, your expertise will be in high demand. When looking for work, you can even demand a higher salary.

6. Improved Productivity

This refers to an organization’s process efficiency. Are you able to make things easier and faster? Is it possible to unbundle and make things simpler and less complicated? Is it possible to lessen the workload?

Ensure that you adequately convey your worth during the interview. You’re the most crucial representative for your company. Make a good impression on your client.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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