Kaduna Government Launches Development Levy Collection Portal

The State Government of Kaduna has launched a Development Levy Collection Portal. The KDSG dev levy collection platform has been launched, according to KDSG (kadlevy.com.ng) It is projected to create SB Naira IGR per year while also involving our conventional institutions.

KadLevy is a system that assesses, collects, and accounts for all tax and other revenues collected by the Kaduna State Government.

To use the Kadlevy portal, click to https://kadlevy.com.ng and log in or register to pay your taxes online.

The levies received will only be re-invested by LGAS in capital projects in the following areas, according to the Kaduna State Government:

Education: Education is a critical investment that leads to increased economic stability, reduced crime, and greater equality.

Health: A strong economy is ensured by a good healthcare system, which increases life expectancy while also ensuring significant economic growth.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is critical for quicker economic growth, as it allows trade and connectivity while also encouraging economic inclusiveness.

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