Latest News on NEXIT Program Concerning the Next Stage

The latest update reaching us concerning Nexit Program, is that the registration process is about to be wrapped. Hence, the NSIP team has succeeded in rectifying all submitted issues, and acted swiftly.

Thus, an SMS was sent by the NSIP team to Applicants, guiding them on what to do next. Below is the caption of the SMS;


Therefore, all applicants that receive this message should not fail to take it serious. You are to login to confirm if your encountered issue has truly be rectified. Because, applicants can only be sure of the next stage once they have no unresolved issue.

Those that receive the SMS are people having any of the following issues;

A. Not able to remember login password (forgot password).

B. Got registered successfully but can’t login.

C. Got registered successfully but haven’t received confirmation mail.

D. Cannot register at all (Email not recognized by Nexit portal).

D. Account blocked by the portal.

Note: If you are having any of the mentioned problem, and yet to get it resolved. Kindly send your name in full, Npower registration number, old email, new email (if you are changing your email) to .

It has come to our notice that non-Npower beneficiaries are trying to signup for the Nexit Program. The program is solely meant for exited Npower volunteers (Batch A and B), so there is no way others can apply.

You can explore through our webpage for other job opportunities, and get registered in any of your choice.

4 thoughts on “Latest News on NEXIT Program Concerning the Next Stage”

  1. Good morning sir/ I still have problem with my registration it wasn’t going to completion, so I submitted my details to someone at computer center to do it for me.he told me that he has done it successfully but I didn’t received congratulations massage. I tried to open if I can do it again to confirm. But local government was not opening . They later ask me to change password or email when I changed password both the old and the new email is not opening. The only thing I would received is invalid email or password. When I tried other ways like signing up again if it can go through I will be told this email mail is not assigned to npvn beneficiary. But when I get back to my profile the same email will still open and I will assess my profile. Please help me out for me to miss this opportunity is better I die, I suffered going to interior village spending #700 everyday to teach which I could not save anything this is my last opportunity please I am on my knees.


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