Latest Npower News On NASIMS Portal Records Update

Did you apply for Npower Batch C Programme, and have successfully taken the online test? Are you among the group of applicants that recently got a message about Record Update? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page.

In today’s Npower latest news – Some applicants of the Npower Batch C program, received a message in respect to ‘Record Update’ on their NASIMS Portal dashboard.

Kindly note that any Npower Batch C applicant who received such message after updating his records on the portal, and took the compulsory test successfully, should ignore the message.

The message reads as;

“Dear N-Power Applicants,You are required to update your records on and take an online test in order to proceed to the next stage of program recruitment.

Further information has been sent to your email address. Reach +234 188 850 11 for enquiries”

The reason almost all applicants, including the ones who have updated their profile received the message is due to the fact that the message was probably sent via bulk message platform.

Actually, the said message was meant for only applicants that are yet to update their information on the portal, which is a criteria to qualify them for taking the test, unfortunately, both group of applicants who haven’t updated their record and those who have updated their records got the message.

If you received the message wrongly, after following all steps as explained above, kindly visit the NASIMS portal via to confirm that you have your test score on the portal. If no result display, it then means you have to re-update your data (information) on the site, then take the test afresh.

You are advised to share this useful information on other social media platforms, so others will be informed just like you.

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  1. I apply for international institute for tropical agriculture as a coper when I was serving last year now the list is out my name is not they. What is my faith they encourage us to apply as a corps member finally my name is not on the list


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