Latest Npower Update 2023

Congratulations to all Npower beneficiaries for making it to this year, 2023. We wish all of you, current and former, a very happy and fruitful new year.

We are all aware that the Npower beneficiaries had a difficult year in 2022 as a result of some expectations not being met. Despite this, we all made it through and are fortunate to live to see 2023. God be praised!

Because it would determine both the destiny of the Npower program and the future of Nigeria, the year 2023 is seen as being crucial for both Npower beneficiaries and all Nigerians.

We would engage those Npower recipients who expressed interest in serving as Adhoc staff for the 2023 and the NPC 2023 census if chosen to take part in these unique events that will change Nigeria.

As you are all aware, the Npower Program was created as an empowerment initiative to provide employment experience and business training to Nigerian youth. Participating in these additional tasks can therefore benefit a beneficiary more.

The destiny of the Npower initiative will be decided by the incoming administration because there will be an election in 2023 that will result in a change of government. We think there is optimism for the continuation of the Npower Program with the passage of the NSIP bill.

Additionally, when we enter the year 2023, the Npower program’s management will promptly address any concerns about stipend payments with the program’s beneficiaries. Stay tuned, then.

For accurate information regarding the Npower Program, you are urged to follow the official Npower social media channels and the Nasims self-service portal.

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  1. Does this mean Batch C Stream 2 will not receive stipends till after election when the new government took over?


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