Link To Apply For Channels Media Group ‘Fund It Forward’ Grant

With the debut of ‘Fund It Forward,’ a competition show meant to promote the next generation of social entrepreneurs led by Nigerian youngsters, Channels Media Group announces its entry into the business reality market.
This new Channels Television social enterprise project delves into a world where young innovators are increasingly attempting to bridge the gap between people and profits, with the burning question for Nigeria being: are these impact-driven business models scalable and sustainable in Nigeria?

‘Fund It Forward’ tries to address this issue by putting 12 new social entrepreneurs to the test as they compete for large grant funds and invaluable coaching from renowned socialpreneurs.

Each week, each entrepreneur must reconcile their business skills with their steadfast commitment to making a positive change as they compete in a series of challenges meant to both elevate and evaluate their fledgling social enterprises.

These challenges will mimic the real-world stages of developing a mission-driven firm, allowing our candidates to hone their skills and knowledge while also educating viewers on the intricacies of establishing a successful social venture.

During eight rigorous elimination rounds, contestants must persuade a seasoned judging panel that they have the unique combination of ingenuity, heart, and commercial acumen required to succeed.

The judges will be outstanding men and women in the impact arena who want to inspire the next generation of socially minded entrepreneurs. Their skills will include successful startup creation, astute company finance, advocacy for underserved communities, and more.

The adventure’s candidates would be young, driven Nigerians between the ages of 20 and 35 with early-stage social entrepreneurial ventures.

Link To Apply For Channels Media Group Fund It

Individuals who are eligible are invited to apply by visiting:

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