Link To Apply For UK Teaching Job From Nigeria

Be informed that the United Kingdom (UK) government is currently recruiting teachers from around the world, and Nigeria was listed as one of the eligible countries to apply.

According to the UK government, prospective teachers need to possess certain qualifications, which include qualified teacher status qualifications given by the Teaching Regulation Agency.

The United Kingdom education Department for Education announced that non-UK nationals can now apply to teach in UK schools.

The UK government disclosed that Nigerian teachers are needed in a statement made early in December, according to information on the country’s website.

Nyscinfo learnt that Nigeria has been listed as one of the countries whose teachers are eligible to apply for the UK teaching jobs through the Teaching Regulation Agency in the United Kingdom.


  • Qualified teacher status qualifications given by the Teaching Regulation Agency.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of two years of teaching experience,
  • Bachelor’s Degree from a UK or non-UK university,
  • English language qualification which is equivalent to a grade4 General Certificate of Secondary Education, maths qualification, the same as a grade four GCSE.

Kindly note that candidates applying for teaching jobs in UK from overseas need a work visa or other immigration status to allow them to work in the UK.

Applicants sponsor can be a school, local authority, or an academy trust required to have a worker license known as an employer license.

How to apply for UK teaching job from Nigeria

To submit your application, CIick Here!

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