List Of Companies Currently Hiring Graduate Trainees In Nigeria

A graduate trainee is someone who has recently graduated from a higher education school and is looking to enter the workforce. This stage of their career where they are referred to as “graduate trainees” is the very early stage where they are expected to gain actual job experience from the organization/industry of their choosing. As a result, a person who has just completed a university, polytechnic, or college of education program, as well as their Nysc (National Youth Service Program), is likely to hunt for possibilities in firms that are prepared to give them.

Objectives Of Graduate Trainee Programs

Graduate trainee programs expect you to “come as you are” since they offer on-the-job training and development. The curriculum may require you to collaborate with several divisions of a company in order to gain a broad understanding of the industry as a whole. You are also assigned mentors to support and guide you while you move into your new field because you are in the learning phase.

Graduate trainee programs are intended to hold your hand as you progress through your career. And, as you travel down this path, the program’s purpose is to improve your abilities and knowledge, which might include both hard and soft skills. Furthermore, fresh graduates who are undecided about their career path can get clarity as a graduate trainee and potentially land a permanent employment with the organization.

Graduate Trainee Responsibilities

If you’re wondering what a normal day for a graduate trainee looks like, we can’t tell you because it differs per company and organization. However, we can tell you what is required of graduate trainees:

  • Actively engaging in learning and development activities.
  • Completing tasks and projects assigned by the department/organization.
  • Documenting learning experiences, project work, and progress.
  • Working alongside other graduate trainees on various tasks and assignments and contributing to the success of the team they find themselves in.
  • Setting goals and looking out for additional opportunities.

Companies Currently Hiring Graduate Trainees In Nigeria

If you have previously missed out on graduate trainee possibilities, you now have these. These companies are now hiring, and you should take advantage of this opportunity.

1. Wema Bank

Wema Bank Plc is reputed as the longest surviving and most resilient indigenous bank in Nigeria, Wema Bank Plc has over the years, diligently offered a fully-fledged range of value-adding banking and financial advisory services to the Nigerian public.

2. Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank Plc began operations in 1988 as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Limited. By 1990, it had distinguished itself as the fastest growing merchant bank in the country. However, to leverage the emerging opportunities in the commercial and consumer end of financial services in Nigeria, in 1999, it converted to commercial banking and changed its name to Fidelity Bank Plc. It became a universal bank in February 2001, with a license to offer the entire spectrum of commercial, consumer, corporate and investment banking services.


The MultiChoice DStv Media Sales (DMS) business is looking for dynamic young people to be part of the driving force behind our commercial sales – this includes marketing, sponsorships and partnerships with some of the biggest names in multiple industries.

4. Nestle

Nestle Nigeria Plc – As the Leading Nutrition Health and Wellness Company, we are committed to enhancing People’s lives, everywhere, every day. Infact enhancing lives will influence everything we do together.

Every year, hundreds of graduates graduate in Nigeria, and these graduates seek work wherever they can. This simply means that admission to graduate trainee programs in Nigeria is difficult, and you must put your best foot forward.

Qualifications And Requirements For Graduate Trainee

While the qualifications and standards for being a graduate trainee may range from one business to the next. The majority of them might still have the following criteria specified as criterion:

  • Zero (0) year of experience
  • Candidate must have completed/been exempted from the mandatory National Youth Service Corp program and have a certificate to show for it.
  • Candidate must have a minimum of 2:2/2:1 (as requested by the organization) from a reputable University/polytechnic
  • Candidate must not be older than 28years

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