List of European Countries Urgently in Need of Workers

The COVID-19’s pandemic has created an opportunity for many European governments to recruit badly required labor from outside the EU. Many countries’ ability to survive socially and economically has been called into doubt in the last 18 months by a variety of stakeholders. Here are five European countries in desperate need of labor to maintain their people’s social and economic well-being.

If the political elite in various countries does not buckle up and get things right in due course, there is a risk of political disorientation and social unrest.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that has ravaged most Western European countries, most of the countries listed here are experiencing severe workforce shortages, particularly in the areas of healthcare, food, and allied services. As a result, urgent actions are being implemented in order to avoid food and healthcare emergencies.

1. United Kingdom

The current UK administration’s post-Brexit immigration restrictions, along with the unanticipated onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, are posing significant hurdles in bridging workforce gaps in the ever-expanding British economy.

In the meantime, the UK government has announced that it will award 10,500 short-term visas to foreign truck drivers and poultry workers from October 1 to December 31, 2021.

Similarly, 5,500 poultry employees will be allowed short-term visas to prevent putting further strains on the food business during this unusual moment. Recruitment for more truck drivers and poultry workers will undoubtedly begin in October, with visas valid until Friday, December 24, 2021, according to UK authorities.

2. Germany

Germany has been dealing with a skilled labor shortage for some time, even before the large and unprecedented floods that destroyed the western section of the country in July 2021, creating employment vacancies in the country. Vacancies in many sectors of the German economy are currently urgently needed. The Skilled Workforce, in particular.

Currently, a system exists for skilled professionals from non-EU countries to get a temporary visa in order to investigate the possibility of working in Germany.

All you have to do is contact a placement or job recruiter to determine the best way to go about finding a job in Germany.

3. Finland

It is common knowledge that Finland, a highly industrialized Scandinavian country, is currently experiencing a severe labor shortage. The situation in Finland is somewhat tragic in that many experts who want to establish a career there are hampered by language barriers. It’s encouraging to see some businesses prepared to hire a talented worker from an English-speaking country like Nigeria.

Please be aware that if you are qualified, the situation in Finland is forcing the country to seriously consider looking outside the European Union for talented people to meet its national and industrial demands.

4. Norway

Because Norway is not a functioning member of the European Union, everybody who is professionally trained in all important sectors of the Norwegian economy is currently guaranteed a job with good pay. Norway can autonomously decide on the employment of skilled employees to meet its critical demands. Due to a scarcity of qualified and semi-skilled workers in fields such as engineering, information technology, software engineer/developers, healthcare professionals, and other fields, the country is now looking for people from outside the European Union.

5. Sweden

Because Sweden is a reference point, it used to be the center of enormous numbers of immigrants immigrating to Scandinavia. Currently, any immigrants who know how to look for work in the Scandinavian countries should concentrate their efforts on Sweden because the prevalence of COVID-19 is affecting the Swedish workforce, and there are urgent needs for nurses, healthcare workers, technicians, truck drivers, information system analysts, software engineers/developers, English, and mathematics.

Source: Nyscinfo

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