List of Fraudulent Investment Platforms in Nigeria

List of Fraudulent Investment – Many Nigerians have been victims of investment platforms and Ponzi schemes over the years, the most prominent being MMM. The first and most popular fraudulent investment scheme ran through the nook and cranny of Nigeria like wild fire and had many Nigerians from all sectors lose their monies, some in millions.

Despite the platforms’ failures, Nigerians continue to lose money to new investment platforms and Ponzi scams.

After financial planner and economic strategy consultant used his twitter handle to ask that individuals share their experiences with Ponzi schemes, Nigerians on Twitter began to publish the names of companies that had purportedly cheated them in the guise of investing and then vanished.

The following are some of the businesses mentioned in the tweet’s comments section:

  1. GetHelp
  2. MMM
  3. Ultimate Cycler
  4. Twinkas
  6. Tonso Elites
  7. MBA Forex
  8. Megawill Integrated Global Investment Company
  9. B2 Consults
  10. Swiss Gold Market
  11. Wales Kingdom Capital
  12. Quintessential Investment Company
  13. Ortseam Evolution Ventures
  14. Clickella
  15. SAMFX Investment
  16. Micheno Ventures
  17. Cash Cloud
  18. Wealthplus Technologies
  19. Eseka Chukwutem Gospel Investment Company (ECG)
  20. Luxuriant Wealth
  22. Abadini Rice Group
  23. Standard Elite Investors
  24. Arerben Investment Limited
  25. DNG Investment
  26. Steady Profitability
  27. Ifecco LTD
  28. HB4 Universal Company
  29. Pennywise
  30. Racksterly
  31. Flagship Asset Managers
  32. Holibiz Finance Limited
  34. Bobosco FX
  35. Priority Investment Forum
  36. Menorah Farms
  37. Tellerforex
  38. Levitus Trade

While this site cannot independently confirm that the investment companies highlighted by victims of investment fraud are indeed fraudulent, this article was written to send a message of warning to our esteemed readers, mostly to advise them to be wary of committing their hard-earned money to any form of investment scheme online and offline.

If you are looking for places that you can put your money and earn a good profit on your savings, you can read our article on the best online saving platforms in Nigeria, where we list saving platforms that are registered and regulated by the government.


If you have been a victim of any investment company that is not listed here, please drop the name of the company so that we can add it up for others to know and be careful.

Source: Nyscinfo

2 thoughts on “List of Fraudulent Investment Platforms in Nigeria”

  1. I have long been awaiting when the FBNI owned by First bank of Nigeria will be targed a Ponzy investment. This people told me to investt with them. This I did from 2017 to 2021. When I decided to close the investment as was pressured by them. Till today. FBNI didn’t send to me a discharge voucher as the policy stated. I requested this for many times. What I saw from a private mail to me was my signature forged and sent to me as signing a discharge voucher. A voucher which I never see. The worst of them all is that they didn’t even give me up to the Money I invested. No penalty attracted. No interest paid to me from July 2017 to July 2021.I am still having the receipts as evidence of payments they do not even indicated in the amounts I paid in. For no reason they immediately removed my name from their group chat so that others won’t be notified. They immediately cleared my information from thir FBNI website so as I can’t access any information regarding my policy. FBNI Customer service stopped pickings my calls. FBNI Stopped replying my mailings.I AM still with my documents. What pain me most are FBNI eating and doing
    business with My hard earned monthly contributions and investing without interest for4-5years. And forging my signature.This is why I am saying that FBNI must be included in The list of ponzy investments in Nigeria.

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