List Of JAMB CBT Practice Software

The JAMB computer-based test was launched to replace the usage of paper in taking the exam. Because JAMB questions are objective in nature, it only made reasonable that they be computer-based. The most significant advantage of taking a CBT exam is that a computer can mark your scripts in less than a second. In reality, your results are saved the instant you press the submit button.

Humans make mistakes, but machines do not. With computers, JAMB can readily identify students who scored more than 200 points in a couple of minutes. JAMB can also easily rank the top students for any university and any course for any specific university. Computers are incredible, almost magical.

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You do not need to purchase JAMB CBT software because we have you covered. Start your test for free right now. You can write your CBT test without purchasing any software.

The JAMB CBT Software 2019

The 2019 software is not much changed from previous years. As previously said, you can begin your free practice test right here. Also, because our examinations are mobile-friendly, there is no need to download a separate CBT software…especially if you intend to pay for the software.


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