List of Major Seaports In Nigeria and their Location

A sea port is a facility built on the adge of a large body of water for ships of all kinds to dock, load and unload passengers and cargoes. In Nigeria, there are a good number of seaports, but unfortunately, not all of them are fully functional with no clear reason.Seaports In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the body responsible for the management of seaports is called the Nigerian Port Authority, a federal government agency which is under the direct supervision of the federal ministry of transport. In this article, we list out all the seaports in Nigeria and the states where they are located.

Seaports in Nigeria

Below are Sea plots in Nigeria and their location:

1. Apapa Port – Lagos

Known as Lagos Complex Port. Apapa port is the most popular and largest port in Nigeria. It is the first, as it was designed and built by the colonial government of Nigeria. Then, it was basically used for the export of agricultural produce since crude oil wasn’t yet discovered in Nigeria as of the time. Today, the seaport is being used for haulage or cargo for the entire country, resulting in huge traffic congestion in Lagos.

2. Tin Can Island Port – Lagos

The Lagos’s second and second largest seaport in Nigeria, the port was commissioned for service in 1997 and began full operations in 2006. It is considered being the busiest seaport in Nigeria, with a reported storage capacity of 30, 000 tons.

3. Calabar Port – Calabar, Cross River

As Nigerians number tourist destination, Calabar is blessed with so much natural resources and water is one. The port, interestingly, is the longest serving port in South Eastern region of Nigeria.

4. Delta Ports – Delta state

Whereas the port is not currently functioning, it is, for its potential, seen as the port of the future. It is situated in River Niger, in the Delta state axis of Nigeria, flanking the ports of Warri, Sapele, and Burutu. One of its interesting features is it close proximity to highly commercial states of Enugu, Anambra, Imo, etc.

5. Rivers Port Complex – Rivers

Port Harcourt remains the main crude oil producing state in Nigeria. The Port Harcourt port, codenamed PH Port, was commissioned in 1913 and is the main functioning port.

6. Onne Port – Rivers state

Like Lagos state, Rivers has two seaports. The Onne port is located in Ogu community in of Rivers state. It has both Federal Ocean and lighter terminal. It is mostly used for the shipment of oil and gas.

7. Onitsha River Port – Anambra state

Located in Anambra state, the Onitsha River Port finally came to life on March 5th, 2021, receiving it first light Cargo barges with containers.

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