List Of Sites To Find Proofreading And Editing Jobs

Editing and proofreading are excellent remote work. There will always be a demand for editors and proofreaders who can enhance written content for businesses, professionals, and students. Several websites can assist you in finding the ideal employment if you’re seeking for a chance in this industry.

Sites To Find Proofreading And Editing Jobs

Find below, eight websites to finding proofreading and editing jobs:

1. Flexjobs

One of the top job search engines for remote employment is Flexjobs. You can use it to search for jobs by category, job type, timetable, amount of experience, accolades, title, and location. Check Editing and Proofreading under Category to hunt for editing or proofreading positions.

You must sign up for a one-week ($9.95), one-month ($24.95), three-month ($39.95), or one-year ($59.95) plan in order to receive unlimited access. Given the growth of freelancing, you should be able to spot con artists on freelancing websites. Flexjobs checks each job to ensure it’s authentic, taking this worry off your plate. You pay for this review process as part of your membership fee.

2. ProofreadingPal

Online services for academic, professional, and private papers are provided by ProofreadingPal. The website has a high Trust Pilot rating, which displays fantastic testimonials from delighted users. Work is flexible, and compensation is based on performance. The website claims that the editors make $300 to $500 per month.

Candidates that meet one of two criteria should apply. First, you must be an active worker or a graduate or postgraduate student at an American institution or university. Additionally, you should have a GPA of at least 3.5 and excellent grades. Second, you should have at least five years of professional proofreading and editing expertise and a graduate degree.

Fill out the online application form if you have your own computer and the necessary software. Proofreading Pal will get in touch with you to schedule a timed assessment and discuss the next steps if you’re a suitable fit.

3. Freelancer

Through its website, Freelancer links businesses and job seekers. You can look through the Writing & Content section if you’re looking for remote editing or proofreading positions. You’ll be sent to a list of open vacancies in various categories from this point on. After that, you can select Editing or Proofreading.

Freelancer uses a system of bids. You can examine the job description, the average bid, and the number of bids when you click on Editing or Proofreading. Enter your offer and select Bid on this job to submit a bid for a job. Make sure your profile is up to date so potential employers can see your talents and experience.

4. Scribbr

You’ve probably heard of the top websites for finding jobs doing academic writing. However, it is better to revise and proofread pupils’ work if you wish to assist them. English-native freelance editors are employed by the online editing and proofreading service Scribbr.

According to the most recent Glassdoor reviews, working with the Scribbr team is usually regarded favorably by editors. You will receive specialized mentoring from the team once you are an editor. Additionally, you’ll have access to educational resources via the Scribbr Academy.

Editors for Scribbr must pass a rigorous application process. You must first succeed on the language test. Second, within 24 hours, edit a genuine student’s assignment to demonstrate your editing prowess. You can refer to yourself as a Scribbr editor if you pass the test.

5. Bullet Proofreading

Through Microsoft Word, email, or phone, Bullet Proofreading provides academic editing and proofreading services. This might be a side job for you if you’re a qualified teacher, researcher, or English language expert. You should ideally have knowledge in one of the following fields:

  • Economics, Business, and Finance
  • Research Methods and Literature Reviews
  • Physical and Life Sciences
  • Mathematics, Logic, and Statistics
  • Social sciences and Humanities

Candidates for Bullet Proofreading must hold a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious university in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada. It is preferred that applicants hold a master’s or doctoral degree. Send your resume and cover letter through the company’s website to be considered. After that, you would need to succeed in a recruitment exam.

6. Cambridge Proofreading

A different website that allows you to work from home flexibly is Cambridge Proofreading. The employees at Cambridge Proofreading, a reputable company with its headquarters in Illinois, must be native English speakers and have at least a bachelor’s degree. Although editors are from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, they are able to operate from any location.

The website is constantly looking for subject-matter specialists with an attention to detail and proficiency with Microsoft Word. They send you employment proposals via email, or you can pick from a list of available positions. You have the option to accept or reject a job proposition that you receive via email. The compensation range, according to the website, is $20 to $30 each month.

If you wish to apply, there are numerous steps you must follow. Complete the screening exam first. If you pass, you’ll be required to submit your application along with three brief example modifications. A final sample, drawn from a list of trial papers, will then need to be edited.

7. Scribe Media

Consider applying at Scribe Media if your goals are your career development and general wellbeing. The publishing house takes great satisfaction in being among the top businesses in America to work for. Among its achievements are placing in the top two spots in the Best Places to Work in Central Texas list and gaining the 15th spot in Fortune’s Best Small & Medium Workplaces in America (2021). (2021).

To be notified when freelancing positions become available, sign up. Alternately, you may seek for a full-time work with paid time off, insurance benefits, and support with financial planning. At Scribe Media, a company that prioritizes remote work, you can typically work from anywhere in the United States.

8. Jobsforeditors

Do you have a degree in translation, international economics, or linguistics? Then you might be able to find a remote opportunity on! Weekly, 15-20 documents of 2-3 pages are given to freelancers. However, if you perform better than average, you can be rewarded.

Freelancers from all over the world are welcome to apply. Please upload your most recent CV to the website to be evaluated. You will then be required to select a position. Depending on your preference, select Managing Editor (Mentor) or Freelance Editor. When the team is ready to send an online test and editing task, click Send.

Additionally, editors will need to pass a training program. While managing editors’ training can last up to three weeks, freelance editors often receive it in around a week. It is not necessary for managing editors to have prior managerial experience, but they must complete a Skype interview and give input on three brief example pieces.


Jobs in editing and proofreading might help you make extra money or support yourself full-time. With the correct credentials and a unique profile, you can be successful in this industry. To find a remote job, start by browsing the websites mentioned above.

You can find more remote employment options online. You can browse for employment that match your talents even whether you’re just starting out or a recent graduate. Look through the job listings on the internet; you can find your first position there!

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