List Of The Best Public Relations Firms In Nigeria

A PR agency, according to Indeed, is a group of public relations professionals with a focus on audience engagement and public image management. Nigeria is home to a large number of PR firms, but we will only be talking about ten of them because of their reputation and level of confidence over the years.

Best Public Relations (PR) Companies In Nigeria

In no specific order, the following are the top ten public relations (PR) firms in Nigeria in 2023:

1. Blackhouse Media

Blackhouse Media is a global public relations and communications firm that works with clients and collaborators to improve communication from Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Nigerian-born author and journalist Ayeni Adekunle established BHM on November 6, 2006.

For customers in a variety of industries, including ICT, fast-moving consumer goods, entertainment, financial services, telecommunications, education, media, and government, they offer reputation management, corporate communications, media relations, brand communications, media training, research and intelligence, social media management, among many other services.

Their offices are in Lagos, London, and Edinburgh, but their consultants and advisers can be found all over the globe assisting their clients and partners in more than 100 cities.

2. Wildflower PR

An award-winning public relations, communications, and media company, WildFlower PR and Company specializes in tailored strategic campaigns in the fields of corporate communications, personal publicity, development communication, entertainment PR, new media PR, and reputation management.

When addressing the goals of clients, WildFlower is a fully integrated agency that takes pleasure in combining creative solutions and tried-and-true methods that produce results. They also value building relationships with people, so they make sure that their clients and their target audience have a mutual knowledge and relationship with one another for every campaign they run.

3. Zebra Stripes Networks

Leading Nigerian PR firm Zebra Stripes Networks links businesses with the country’s consumers. They are a creative communications firm that focuses on the strategic creation and execution of integrated marketing communications strategies that make use of cutting-edge traditional and digital technology.

They create a powerful brand presence by using original approaches to interact with your target audience. They have been a full-service public relations and communications firm since their inception, providing individualized, integrated advertising, design, and communication solutions that are guaranteed to connect with a brand’s target audience and produce the desired results.

Services Offered By Zebra Stripes Networks:

  • Consultation services
  • Digital communication services
  • Outdoor activation services
  • Public relation services
  • Reputation management services.

4. V+O Communication Nigeria

The biggest public affairs and communications firm in South Eastern Europe is V+O Communication, which has fully owned offices in six nations: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania, and Cyprus. In 2014, V+O, staying true to its goal of being a catalyst for development, established fully owned offices in Nigeria and Brussels.

Services Offered By V+O Communication Nigeria:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Intelligence And Analysis
  • Public Affairs
  • Brand And Marketing Communication
  • Financial Communication, and
  • Digital Communication.

5. Media Panache

Timilehin Bello, the company’s founder, had the idea for Media Panache Nigeria in 2016 after seeing a need for a tech- and digital-driven public relations company that was also incredibly successful.

Young professionals on the Media Panache team have access to powerful platforms and people, and they have opted to let their imaginations run wild as they create unstoppable styles that will enable them to produce outstanding results for their customers, stakeholders, and investors.

Services Offered By Media Panache:

  • Annual PR
  • Content creation
  • Community relations
  • Press conference
  • Product launch
  • Influencer engagement
  • Social media management
  • Media relations
  • Communication strategy
  • Research and monitoring
  • Digital marketing, and
  • Crisis management.

6. Quadrant MSL

Leading Strategic Communications Consultancy Quadrant MSL is a component of the MSL Group and a global marketing communications conglomerate called Publicis Groupe.

As a consulting firm, their employees continue to be their most valuable resource due to the variety of skills, knowledge, and interests they bring from different backgrounds. This enables them to fully utilize their potential for influence-building and effect creation through imaginative storytelling.

7. SESEMA Public Relations

Sesema PR, founded in 2002 by PR and marketing expert Alima Atta, focuses on PR, marketing communications, and digital marketing for brands and businesses already operating in Nigeria or preparing to do so. Their customers include companies like Guinness, Visa, Etihad Airways, Cisco Systems, and operate in a variety of industries, including FMCG, finance, healthcare, technology, and telecommunications.

They can claim a number of firsts for a PR firm in Nigeria because of their avant-garde vision and methodology, including the country’s first specialized digital marketing division. From 2007 to 2015, the largest PR agency in the world, Edelman, chose Sesema PR to be its affiliate in Nigeria and other areas of West Africa. Additionally, they have a collaboration with the renowned Ghanaian PR and event management firm The One Event that enables them to provide their services throughout West Africa.

8. Alder Consulting

Mr. Leke Alder established Alder Consulting, one of the top PR firms in Nigeria, in 1996. They are an organization with a forward-looking mission, and they are known for the caliber of their ideas, which are then used to transform organizations and entire countries. Years ago, they published the Alder Brand Report, the country’s first research-based brand report, and introduced branding as a professional field.

As a result, businesses in the advertising sector became brand communication firms, giving rise to a new industry. New logos and company identity displays soon transformed the business environment. Branding, according to Alder, is distinct from company identity. Similar to how advertising is brand communication, corporate identity is an expression of a company.

Services Offered By Alder Consulting:

  • Consulting
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Design, and
  • Web.

9. Brooks And Blake

In Nigeria, Brooks and Blake is a reputable PR firm with the skills to meet the needs of many of their customers. The business is renowned for using innovation in the creation and execution of customized marketing plans. Brooks and Blake have earned their place among the top PR firms in the nation today thanks to their extensive expertise. In 2015 and 2016, Marketing Edge recognized them as the finest PR firm of the year.

Services Offered By Brooks And Blake:

  • Perception Management
  • Perception Audit
  • Strategic Brand Corporate PR, and
  • Events Management

10. Absolute PR

One of the top public relations companies in Nigeria currently is Absolute PR. Incorporated in 2007 as a brand and reputation management business, they started operating in 2009. Absolute PR joined thenetworkone in 2018, a worldwide organization of independent firms with headquarters in the UK.

Their mission is to make their stakeholders happy by offering strategic business solutions using both conventional and unconventional methodology to achieve the client’s and other stakeholders’ ultimate goal. Their vision is to be the most empathetic, creative, and disciplined brand and reputation management firm in the world, exceeding the highest expectations of their stakeholders.

Services Offered By Absolute PR:

  • Health PR
  • Media Relations
  • Branding, and
  • Communications.

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