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In Nigerian secondary and primary schools, years ago, teachers used to ask us questions about historical facts about Nigeria. These historical facts happened long before we were born. To provide answers to those questions, we had to contact a small booklet called the Current Affairs, where answers to questions about historical events in Nigeria were readily available. That small booklet made it very easy for us to respond to our teacher’s questions. In today’s world, technology has changed how a lot of things and done. Therefore, you can now access Nigerian current affairs apps and confirm historical facts about Nigeria.

When you acquire a new current affair, you’ll find different information there because it will be written in a new age with a new group of people in the government and various changes in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world.

As a Nigerian, it’s a good idea to be knowledgeable about Nigerian current affairs since they’ll ask questions about current affairs in job interviews, and if you can’t answer them correctly, you’ve failed a test. But how can you learn about Nigerian current events if you don’t have one? You can install Nigerian Current Affairs Apps on your Android device and never miss out on any current affairs information, new or old.

List of the Top Nigerian Current Affairs Apps for Android

We will cover the finest Nigerian Current Affairs applications for Android users in this article. You can discover more about the Nigerian Constitution, some of the country’s former leaders and their tremendous impact on the country, as well as other knowledge about Africa and the rest of the globe, by using these applications.

1. Nigerian Constitution

If you’re a fan of the Nigerian constitution, here’s another app you might consider installing on your mobile device. Cloud 9 Tech’s Nigerian Constitution app is a highly accessible, user-friendly app version of the Nigerian Constitution, the highest law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Amendments.

The present constitution went into effect on May 29, 1999, ushering in the Nigerian Fourth Republic. Every Nigerian, parent and child, teacher and student, and geek should have this current affairs app.

2. Nigeria Current Affairs and Quiz

If you’re seeking for an app that will provide you with information about Nigeria’s history, past rulers, and other current events, you should check out Nigeria Current Affairs and Quiz. This app is one of the greatest Nigerian Current Affairs Apps, and it features all the country’s current affairs, as well as pertinent photographs of persons involved.

You can learn about the country’s following facts using this app: Nigeria’s Origin, Information and Statistics, States Information, Local Government Areas, Nigeria’s Colonial Leaders, Nigeria’s Indigenous Leaders, Vice Presidents, CBN Governors, Top Officials in the Current Government, Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Speakers of the House of Representatives, Abbreviations and Meaning, Inventors and Inventions, Nigeria’s Timeline, World’s Interesting Facts, Countries and Dependencies,

3. Current Affairs Nigeria

This app is a top choice for Android users, because it houses relevant information about the past rulers of Africa’s most populous nation. All information about Nigeria and its history is organized in yearly sections, so if you want to read about what happened in Nigeria in 1990, simply click on the year while using the app, and it will show you everything you need to know about Nigeria in 1990.

This current affairs app will provide you with additional information about the great men and women of this country, as well as a feature that will allow you to answer questions by taking a quiz.

It’s a really simple app that also happens to be one of the top Nigerian Current Affairs Apps for Android users.

4. History of Nigeria

If you’ve ever wondered how our country Nigeria was established, who the colonial rulers were, the first military coup in the country, the first civil war in the country, and when the country became a British protectorate, this is the place to be. This app will tell you everything you need to know, and it’s one of the most accurate current affairs apps you’ll find, with detailed information about Nigeria’s past and contemporary history.

The History of Nigeria app is one of the greatest Nigerian Current Affairs Apps because it covers the entire history of Nigeria. This app will provide you with all the information you need to know about Nigeria and how we became an independent nation after the British colonial era.

5. Nigerian Constitution 1999

Nigeria’s constitution was put in place in 1999, and we’ve been utilizing it ever since. However, if you’re curious about what the constitution says or who is behind it, this is the app to utilize. The 1999 Nigerian Constitution app will provide you with information about Nigeria’s ultimate law as well as other relevant information.

This software also offers unique features, such as a search bar, the ability to transition to Wikipedia via a link, and the whole Nigerian Constitution. It is one of the greatest Nigerian Current Affairs Apps available just for Android users.

Final Thought

These applications will provide you with insights into our fatherland’s past. There aren’t many Nigerian current affairs apps out there, but the ones we have listed above have all the information you need and will serve you well with the knowledge of Nigeria’s past events that you’d like to know.

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