Make Money Through Piggyvest Referral Program | How To Register

You may have known that Piggyvest is an excellent tool for making money through investment. However,  did you know you may increase your earnings by using the Piggyvest referral code?

The Piggyvest referral program allows both new and existing clients to earn money without having to invest anything.

Referral marketing is one of the simplest methods to make money online, and most firms have referral programs that reward loyal users who refer more prospects by utilizing a unique link.

The good news is that you may make more money with the Piggyvest referral code than you could with the platform’s core offering, the Piggyvest investing program. If you want to make money quickly without having your own products or are too lazy to design your own, referral programs are a good place to start.

What Is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is a fintech startup that provides savings and investment platforms to help people manage and grow their money. This company was founded in 2016 under the name “Piggybank” and was the first of its kind in West Africa. Piggyvest began by solely providing savings services. However, with their referral program, you may now save, invest, lock, and even make money.

The Piggyvest Referral Program

Piggyvest’s recommendation program is a service developed by Piggyvest to give back to society. This program allows you to earn money when you suggest someone, as well as the individual who successfully signs up using a Piggyvest referral code.

The concept is straightforward. As a Piggyvest user, you will be assigned a unique code that, when used by another person to sign up, will earn you a commission of up to N1,000, and the person you refer will receive a N1,000 sign up bonus once all of the sign up and bonus earning processes are completed.

If a new user registers without using the Piggyvest referral code or link, they will not be able to earn any money. That means there will be no referral code and no N1,000 sign up bonus.

The Piggyvest Referral Code

The referral code for Piggyvest is 55433c76ac0822. When you enter this code during registration, you will receive a N1,000 sign up bonus.

You must perform some easy activities in order for this code to operate and earn you a sign up bonus. So, keep reading how to register and get a bonus below to see the tasks and how to complete them in order to be awarded.

How To Sign Up for Piggyvest and Get Referral Bonus

The following is a step-by-step explanation on how to sign up for Piggyvest using the Piggyvest referral code in order to receive a sign up bonus.

  • Use this referral link to sign up for Piggyvest.
  • When you arrive at the website, click “Create Free Account” and enter all of the requested information.
  • After registering on the website, you can download the app and proceed to the next step.
  • To validate your account, add/link your BVN in the app. Set up your bank account and debit card as well.
  • To receive your sign-up bonus, you must first fund your Flex Naira account with at least N100.
  • After that, deposit at least N1000 into two other savings accounts. Piggybank and Safelock are excellent choices for this step.

How To Obtain the Piggyvest Referral Code

Follow the steps below to obtain your Piggyvest referral code, which you can use to earn commissions by sharing with friends.

  • Log into your Piggyvest account on the app
  • Click on the “Account” menu at the bottom of the homepage
  • Click on “Refer and Earn ₦1,000.00”
  • Then copy the link and share it with friends.

How To Claim Your Piggyvest Sign-Up and Referral Bonus

The processes for withdrawing your commission from Piggyvest once you’ve been credited are the same whether you’re the referee or the referrer. After joining up and completing all of the needed actions to earn your reward, your safelock account, as well as the safelock account of the person who referred you, will be awarded with a N1,000 bonus. That is, if the person you referred completes all of the bonus claiming procedures, you will receive 1,000 Naira in your safelock account. As a result, once awarded, you can withdraw both your sign-up bonus and your referral commission from your safelock account.

Final Thoughts

Piggyvest is a wonderful platform for making money by investing or saving. The company provides a platform for giving back to the community, which is fantastic.

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