Mastercard Foundation Enterprise For Youths In Agriculture

In partnership with Mastercard Foundation, The Enterprise for youth in Agriculture through Technology-enabled Vegetable production(EYiA) project aims to expand economic opportunity for Nigerian youth, especially young women,  through premium vegetable production as a source of dignified and fulling entrepreneurship on small parcels of land.

Work, Learn, and Earn – an opportunity to train youths and women in vegetable production (Olericulture) using technology.

This application form is part of the selection process that requires important information on your personal details and training preference and must be duly completed for consideration.

About MasterCard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. All people, no matter where their starting point in life, should have an equal chance to succeed. We believe that with access to education, financial services, and skills training, people can have that chance. Our focus is helping economically disadvantaged young people in Africa to find opportunities to move themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty to a better life.

Benefits of Mastercard Foundation Enterprise for Youth in Agriculture

  • Fully Sponsored Training
  • You get to learn about the Olericulture value chain and soilless farming for free. This is a well-structured hands-on training to help you co-own and co-manage a soilless farm as part of a group.
  • Free Farm Setup Kits
  • A cluster (group of 50 students) Will work on 3 plots of hydroponics farm set up for them, with access to logistics and a storage facility on the farm. Each cluster will be registered as a company.
  • Access to Offtakers
  • You will get connected to off-takers to buy off the produce at the beginning of the project until you are able to generate your own leads. You get to practice all the marketing skills you were taught.
  • Post Training + Mentorship
  • Activities include presentation (action plan of training), Performance try-out, and follow-up. You demonstrate and illustrate each step of a task. You will repeat tasks multiple times so that your mistakes are corrected.

Qualification Requirements

  • You Must be between the age of 18- 29 at the time of application
  • You must have a genuine interest in Olericulture
  • You must be Available For 12 weeks of physical training
  • You must be physically and mentally fit to work with the team on the farm
  • You must be willing to relocate to Kurere village, Awowo, Ewekoro LGA, Ogun state. This is physical training, and it cannot be attended by proxy,
  • You Must not have  a criminal record
  • You Must be willing to adhere to and respect the rules and regulations of the project and its location

How To Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to MasterCard Foundation on to apply

  • Application and Selection: The application portal has a 3-minute video that explains what the project is about, and an assessment based on what the project is about. This is to ensure the students understand what the project entails and is willing to follow through the process.
  • Interview preparation: On the successful completion of your application form, you will get a link to watch a short introductory video on soilless farming (hydroponics) technology. The video also teaches you how to setup a hydroponics system for your home use.

For more details, visit Mastercard Foundation website on

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