Management Source For Funds to Finance NEXIT Scheme

Are you an exited Npower Beneficiary (Batch A and B) waiting for the commencement of the Nexit packages or you have given up? Well, all hope is not lost as the goverment of Nigeria are pushing for funds to sponsor the program.

It is our pleasure to inform applicants of Nexit scheme, that the program will kick start sooner than most persons think as FG openly made it known on a special program on NTA known as ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ that they are on the move to secure funds which will be used to run other expanses including the CBN Nexit program that is meant solely for the disengaged volunteers of Npower.

It therefore means that, once funds are readily available the program will begin, with applicants benefiting from the chosen package.
Apart from the Npower Batch ‘C’ expenditure which was captured in the 2021 budget, the Nexit program wasn’t included in the main budget rather it was placed under the supplementary budget.

The presidency, as at Tuesday 18th May, urged the senate to approve the sum of $6.183billion which is equivalent to N2,343,387,942,848 in Nigeria’s currency, as an external loan that will be used to handle the supplementary budget.

Most of the deficit in the 2021 budget is about initiatives created by the FG to reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty in the country, especially among the youths. This therefore means that once the loan is approved, most youths will be smiling just like those that applied for Survival’s Fund, where over three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) persons benefited.

Through the FG’s Poverty elevation/Wealth Creation programmes, most youths will be able to care for themselves and love ones, thereby contributing back to the economy.

Soon the Npower Batch C’ applicants of about one million (1,000,000), and other schemes such as the NEXIT, AGSMEIS etc. will all be smiling. More programs and trainings are likely to surface once the loan is been received by the Federal Government.

Don’t hesitate to share this update with Friends and relatives, as they might need such information to uplift their spirit.

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