Mega Christmas Giveaway (Best Liked Comment Wins)

It’s a good news! Just as we promised, our Christmas Mega giveaway starts today (22nd December). NYSCinfo will be giving out Two hundred thousand Naira (N200,000) to lucky winners.

Today’s Giveaway (22nd December)

Answer this question and win;

Do you think National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) should be scrapped? Briefly give reason for your answer.

Note: The best comments that will attract the highest number of ‘likes’ win ₦1,000 on 22nd December, 2020.


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96 thoughts on “Mega Christmas Giveaway (Best Liked Comment Wins)”

  1. Abdullahi Sabi'u

    Inculcate discipline in Nigeria youth by instilling in the a traditiona of industry at work and of patriotic and loyal service to Nigeria in any situation they may find themselves. Raise the moral tone of the Nigeria youth by giving them the opportunity to learn about higher I deal of national achievement social and cultural improvement. Development in the Nigeria youth the attitude of mind acquired through shared experience and suitable training which will make them more amenable to mobilisation in the national interest. Contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economic.

  2. Ubi Emmanuel Eteng

    No, as the name implies yourth service corps is a scheme that enable young Nigerian gratude know their worth in reaching out to people of different earthnicity,religion and socail cutural belive inother for them to have gainful experience by learning the norm and culture of the people.So in other not to waste too much of time I believe NYSC is as important as going to school itself and it promote unity,bounds, love and togetherness of people of different believes coming together as one in the society at large.

  3. Zaharadeen Abdullahi mu.azu

    NYSC is the one good thing happening right now.graduate are finding it hard to get job right now.and NYSC offer graduate work for at least a year.most beig teaching jobs.although most schools are taking advantage of the corps members.but if you are smart enough hard working.NYSC can be means to a better future for i say Nigerian graduate will suffer more with out it

  4. Peter olawale Michael

    Nysc should not be scrapped the scheme has been a huge blessing to as many corp members who were deployed to various states of the federation.. Many have gone to establish themselves in those states and the scheme has also helped a lot meet their daily needs through the monthly allowance given by the FGN.. So the program should not be scrapped..

  5. Peter olawale Michael

    Nysc should not be scrapped, the scheme in a way has help corp members actualize their dreams and aspirations in the various statesof deployment, many have left their comfort zone to another place and have great impact, some have gone to establish themselves there.. It has also helped some meet their needs based on the monthly allowance given by the FGN.. I believe nysc shouldn’t be scrapped

  6. Adedokun samuel promise

    No, I don’t think NYSC should be scrapped with my own point of mine it enable most Nigeria youth to know what they have not been doing in there own state which other state are doing moreover all Nigeria youth supposed to know that it is compulsory to serve our land even by serving our land we can also meet someone that will connect us to our helper and all Nigeria youth should have this at the back of there mind that will need to serve our land for better for good

  7. Nysc shouldn’t be scrapped at all, instead it should be a bed rock to unite our great country…. Nysc is playing a great role in our country… Having a Hausa man serve in my community, wow that’s great, so also an igbo man serving in Hausa community, that’s unity in diaspora. Please I beg our Government to take NYSC as serious as anything..God bless us all……

  8. Obodo Clinton Obinna

    I am Obodo Clinton Obinna, I feel the NYSC PRogram should be Scrapped because with obvious facts there are no concrete plans or efficient structure for we the youths. For instance, the year 2019 corpers from all federations were involved in the 2019 Elections up till date about 55% of those hardworking corpers haven’t been paid for their services as promised and till Date we lost some promising corp members while serving their father’s land till date, no one has gone or even done proper follow up of the disaster. Also, till date some of us our Arrears have been paid after the minimum wage upgrade, so with all this I ask myself are we “LEADERS OF TOMORROW OR ” SLAVES BEGGING TO SEE TOMORROW “. With this I’ll suggest after ones tertiary program it’s better you learn a trade or skill which I advice to have been developed before graduating, so as to help your financial status quo or become self employed legitimately instead of going to serve a country where our Elders does not give a concern to your Welfare,contribution etc. My simple view though thank you TEAM NYSC.

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