Salary And Allowance of Nigerian State Governors

In this post, we shall be looking at the salary and allowance of Nigerian state Governors (how much they earn).
Nigeria currently has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory; each state is headed by a Governor, while the President of Nigeria appoint a minister that head the Federal Capital Territory. That means Nigeria currently have 36 state Governors.

The salary of a Governor and other high ranking public office holders in Nigeria is always a controversial topic as many have claimed that great percentage of money state allocation is spent paying state Governors and other political office holders.

There is also a claim that if the jumbo salaries and allowances of state governors are reviewed downward that there will be enough fund for developing Nigeria.

As opposed to what past Governors earned, the presidency adopted a new policy which reduces the take home of the state Governors. The new policy also affect other high ranking political office holders in Nigeria.

To clear the speculations and doubts, we have decided to look into the salary structure and allowance accrued to the Nigerian state Governors; in balancing the equation, we shall also be looking at the salaries of other public office holders in the state level like the Deputy State Governors, Secretaries to the State government, and local government Chairmen.
Just before we show you their salaries and allowances, let’s first look at the requirements to become a state Governor in case you have interest in becoming your state Governor in the future.

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The constitutional requirements to become your state governor

To be elected as Governor of a State in Nigeria, you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth.

2. You must have attained the age of 35 years

3. You must be a member of a political party, and your party must have sponsored you.

4. You must obtain at least the School Certificate Level or its equivalent.

Now, let’s take a look at the Salary Structure of Nigerian state Governors

Salary Structure of Nigerian State Governors

  • Currently, the basic salary of a Nigerian state Governor is estimated to be N2.23 Million per month aside other allowances, under table shares and security votes.
  • A deputy Governor earns N2.11 million per month aside other allowances
  • Commissioners earn N1.33 million per month aside other allowances.
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When allowances are added to the governor’s basic allowance, the figure could rise to approximately N5 million per month plus under table shares and security votes.

The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Package (RMAFP) is a welfare package that could explain more on the spending of State governor in Nigeria. Though, RMAFP doesn’t set a limit to the allowance in foreign currency for foreign trips from the state account. Also, RMAFP doesn’t set a limit of the amount to be collected as ‘duty tour’ allowance for local trips because duty tour allowance is usually provided on request by the state governor.

After completing his tenure, a state Governor is entitled the sum of N6.67 Million for his severance gratuity.

Now, here is the breakdown of the salary of the State Governor in Nigeria:

  • Basic monthly salary: N2.23 Million
  • Leave allowance: N222,370.50
  • Vehicle loan and maintenance allowance: N8.8 Million
  • End of tenure gratuity: N6,671,115
  • Health expenses: Funded by the state government

That’s about all on the salary and welfare package for state governors in the country.
Now, let’s take a look at the salary of the deputy Governor and other public office holders in the state.

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The Salary of Deputy State Governors

The salary of the deputy Governor is slightly lower than the annual salary of the state Governor. Below is the breakdowns:

  • Basic monthly salary: N2.1 Million
  • Leave allowance: N211,000
  • Vehicle loan & maintenance allowance: N8.8 Million
  • Health expenses: Funded by the state government

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Secretary to the State Government and Commissioner

The breakdowns of Secretary to the State Government and Commissioner salary is as follows:

  • Basic Monthly Salary: N1.4 Million
  • Leave allowance: N133,000
  • Furniture allowance: N4 Million
  • Vehicle loan & Maintenance allowance: N5 Million
  • Gratuity: N4 Million

The Salary of Local Government Chairmen

  • Basic monthly salary: N900,000
  • Leave allowance: N100,000
  • Furniture allowance: N1.4 Million
  • Vehicle loan & maintenance allowance: N3.7 Million
  • Severance Gratuity: N2.8 Million.

The Salary of Deputy Local Government Chairmen

  • Basic monthly salary: N800,000
  • Leave allowance: N85,000
  • Furniture allowance: N1.2 Million
  • Vehicle loan & maintenance allowance: N3 Million
  • Severance Gratuity: N2.5 Million.

The Salary of Local Government Councilors

  • Basic salary: N809,300
  • Furniture allowance : N1,213, 950
  • Leave allowance: N80,930
  • Vehicle loan: N3,237,200.
  • End of tenure gratuity: N2,427,900

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