Mistake Npower Shortlisted Applicants Must Avoid Before Deployment

The Npower Batch C recruitment exercise is currently ongoing, and Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand persons have already being shortlisted to proceed with verification (fingerprints enrolment/capturing).

After the fingerprints enrolment, the next phase will be the deployment of beneficiaries, which will be done based on the States of residence and the Local Government Area (LGA) of residence.

Once an applicant (a prospective beneficiary) is being deployed, there won’t be room for redeployment. For this reason, some applicants are asking if they can change their state of residence through the NASIMS portal.

All shortlisted applicants are, therefore, advised not to make such mistake base on plans to be relocated. This is a mistake you should avoid at all costs.

Just like the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs said, the selection is done based on the population of a particular LGA, so changing it through your Nasims profile might affect your chance of securing your place as a beneficiary.

We advise those who might want to change their PPA to wait until after deployment, then contact the State Focal Person for help instead of doing it during recruitment.

Remember, the Npower management is looking forward to drop fifty thousand (50,000) shortlisted applicants from the five hundred and fifty thousand (550,000) applicants that was initially shortlisted in the Stream 1 batch.

Don’t use your own hands to disqualify yourself when you are very close to be a beneficiary of the Npower Scheme.

You can ask any further question(s) regarding this information, and do well to share with Friends and Relatives.

Source: Nyscinfo

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