9 Most Popular Jobs In Nigeria This Year (2020)

In this post we shall look at most popular jobs in Nigeria in 2020. If your field of study has a strong relationship to any of the jobs in our list, then consider yourself a lucky person.

The common desire of every student is to secure a job after graduation. To ensure this, one needs to be very careful when choosing course of study.

Frankly, there are a lot of graduates out there that have no means of livelihood. This has to do with the relevance of their course of study in the society.

There are good numbers of job that can make you achieve your dream of having a good source of living.

They are jobs that are most relevant in the society, jobs that are patronised by people, jobs that have solutions to peoples’ problem. They are indeed valuable. These features and many more made them the most commonly valuable jobs in Nigeria.

Research has been carried out, and it was accurately discovered that the jobs on this list met the criteria of been the most commonly acceptable and valuable jobs in Nigeria.

Most popular jobs in Nigeria (2020)

Here are the list of the demanding and valuable jobs in Nigeria.

1. Business management (development) and sales jobs

Business management takes responsibilities to effectively manage organizations’ resources, develop strategies that will build an organisational reputation and establishment of progressive growth in the organization.

Business development or management creates lasting valuable reputation for an organization/industry through dignity incurred from market, clients/customer and association with people.

Sales entails the processes required in generating funds by either selling a product or service.

There are a lot of manufacturing companies in Nigeria where trained and qualified individuals are needed for this purpose. It is a great privilege for individuals who are charismatic to ensure good sales.

2. Non Governmental Organization jobs

This is an independent and Nonprofit making organization where one can develop his/her career and other relevant skills.

They do not depend on any external assistant from government. They fund their activities by themselves and donations from people. Their aim is to add value to lives. And as a result, value is added to your life as well.

Engaging with an NGO work is a fortune because it is void of governmental control or regulations.

Their activities are super excellent. Here, there is a large room for you to build relationship and leadership skills, good organization and communication skills among others.

These and many more attributes make NGO jobs one of the most commonly valuable jobs in Nigeria.

3. Health related jobs

Health related job is one of the most commonly valuable jobs not only in Nigeria but in other countries because without good health, living becomes a critical challenge.

Health problem is the most cause of death in the country and nobody wishes to die. Hence, the service of health or medical personnel is needed to ensure a healthy living.

4. Teaching and Academic Services

This is among the most popular jobs In Nigeria. Knowledge is gained through teaching and the knowledge is power! No matter who you become or what you do, knowledge is very crucial.

This makes teaching profession an indispensable job throughout the world, not in Nigeria alone.

People need to learn before they can do something. Get information needed to make a right choice for your life.

This makes academic services and teaching profession a valuable job in the country.

Teachers teach everyone in a different field of life. Teachers will continue to be needed in the country, they are indispensable.

Can you see why teaching and academic services are part of the commonly valuable jobs in Nigeria?

5. Financial institution jobs

Jobs in this category deals with keeping of financial records, transaction and management of funds. No one pray for loss in business. Therefore, everyone who ventured into business desires profit.

This can only be achieved with the help of banking institutions and/ insurance companies. So, it is of no mistake to put this here as one of the most commonly valuable jobs in Nigeria.

6. Computer jobs

The life is going faster every day with digital! Some jobs are done online. This is done through the help of software expertise, who developed useful apps for the use of man kind.

This requires the use of computer system to apply software skills to make life convenient for people.

Working in a telecommunication company is valuable. They even manage the use of your phone and other gadgets!

7. Engineering jobs

There is high demand for engineers in the country. Engineers are needed every day to discharge different services attached to our lives.

Services of engineers are needed in building, power sector, construction sector, meteorological companies, automobile and several other sectors in Nigeria.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be amazing to see engineering jobs on this list.

8. Project management jobs

Project managers are high in demand in the country because of various projects going on in the country and people will continue to embark on the project.

Everyone wish to establish one project or the other. The success and accomplishment of these projects are in the hands of project managers. That’s the reason you see this category in this list.

Project managers ensures proper planning of works or project. They give adequate supervision to ensure appreciable complexion of the project.

They are skilled and have vast knowledge in the same. That’s why people can not do without them. Hence, it is one of the most commonly valuable jobs in Nigeria.

9. Marketing jobs

We have marketers in different organizations such as banks, companies and industries. They advertise product or service to target customers for the purpose of making such product or service well known, accepted, patronised and boosting the financial status of such organization.

You are very fortunate if this is your area of expertise because without you, product or service can not get to the customer!

The above are the 9 most popular jobs in Nigeria. However, we have some striving jobs and they include: Administrative officer jobs, programming and web design jobs, Human resources jobs and customer service jobs.

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  1. Please sir, how can one without a working experience and wants to apply for a job prepares a CV?
    For example an accountant who applies for a banking job but has no experience and no CV showing work experiences.

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